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Are you looking for the best Italian real estate site? Here you find a dexterous team of accomplished multilingual professionals providing foreign investors and companies with qualified assistance in the fields of residential and commercial property finding, legal and fiscal consultancy, property renovation and management services. Comprising a squad of proficient, experienced real estate agents and developers, surveyors, architects, accountants, lawyers and property managers, and an extensive network of partner companies, IRECOM offers its clients trustworthy support and far-reaching assistance in all that concerns real estate enterprises in Italy.


Purchase and Sale

First of all, we can offer an in-depth Italian real estate market overview. Sourcing the right property to purchase, or the right buyer for a property one is desirous to sell, is a meaningful, serious move. It needs to be pondered extensively, as there are many different criteria that need to be taken into account, and executed properly. As specifically concerns the Italian real estate market options for real estate purchase make for a wide, extremely diverse selection for both residential and commercial properties.


Heavenly landscapes, innate charm, and sublime art at one’s doorstep. The advantages of buying real estate in Italy are manifold, especially if one decides to go for an ancient or period property, for instance a splendid old farmhouse. Not only do historic premises offer a unique atmosphere, restoring a “vintage” property is also an exciting, gratifying and sustainable choice.


Italy’s rich and polychrome cultural heritage and its world-acclaimed natural environment make it an unrivalled destination to focus on for fruitful Italy real estate investments. Many a foreigner sets off to purchase property in Italy and rent it out, and far-sighted entrepreneurs and companies decide to invest in commercial properties.

Housing consultants in Italy


Purchasing or selling a house, a building, a property in Italy implies having a wide variety of trustworthy on-site experts. To comply with the law, you need to find architects, surveyors, real estate agents, engineers, developers, lawyers, notaries etc… Contact us, we MAKE IT EASY! Comprising all the qualified professionals you need, our crew provides far-reaching assistance in all that concerns real estate enterprises in Italy.


Prospective foreign buyers often run into drawbacks when looking to buy real estate in Italy. Contacting vendors, drawing up technical reports and contracts, etc. can be hindered, and endangered, by language barriers. Fluency in English, Spanish, Chinese and Arabic enables our staff to communicate with all clients effectively, providing prompt efficient service, and timely execution.


Providing foreign investors and companies with qualified, reliable, and straight-to-the-point comprehensive assistance in all legal, fiscal and technical aspects of real estate assets’ purchase is our team’s aim. Committed to your satisfaction and overall profit, we meticulously draft surveys, business plans, and tax estimates. We follow up, follow through, and make sure your investment is a success.


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