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Are you moving to Italy from USA, UK or elsewhere? IRECOM gives you the best support in living, starting a business and buying a property here. At your disposal a team of multilingual professionals providing foreign investors and companies with qualified assistance in the fields of residential and commercial property finding, legal and fiscal consultancy, property renovation and management services. Comprising a squad of proficient, experienced real estate agents and developers, surveyors, architects, accountants, lawyers and property managers, and an extensive network of partner companies, IRECOM offers its clients trustworthy support and far-reaching assistance in all that concerns real estate enterprises in Italy.

Property sourcing and purchase, restoration, refurbishment and interior design. Contractual rights assistance, tax advisory services, administration of residential property rentals, consultancies relating to company incorporation, commercial real estate and hospitality business management. Comprehensive mastery about standing Italian legislation and fiscal duties, and technical know-how, allow us to provide our clients with savvy straight-to-the-point information. To ensure our clients have a full view of their investment in advance, we draft meticulous property surveys, tax estimates and thorough business plans. Competent long-term expertise makes us virtuosos in handling local bureaucratic requirements, ensuring timely execution. 

Fluency in English, Spanish, Chinese and Arabic enables our staff to communicate with clients all over the world effectively, providing prompt, responsive and efficient service.

Moving to Italy with ease is your next goal? Our sharp insider’s expertise allows for proficuous communication and swift dealings with local authorities, courts and fiscal offices. Finally, our exhaustive knowledge of the Italian territory, preferential relationships and tightly-knit network of sister companies allow us to offer flawless service and dexterous assistance everywhere in Italy quickly and efficiently.

Our assets? Trustworthiness, proficiency, professionalism. And dedicated undivided attention to each and every client’s specific needs, requirements, desires. Our discerning clients – corporate groups, entrepreneurs, investors – can certainly vouch for our constancy, expertise and zeal.  

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Michele Ambrogio


Edoardo Bini


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Property manager

Dario Viola

Business developer

Vincenzo Maria Tanzj

Real estate agent

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Francesca Perini

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