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The real estate business, both in the form of short-term tourist rentals, and long-term purchases, is one of Italy’s leading industries. The country’s rich history, gorgeous natural environment, inspiring art and fabulous cuisine lure people from all around the world not only to visit it, but also choose it as a place to invest in. The local market does however have its perks, and managing property in Italy may be challenging, and complex, for a foreign non-resident who is not familiar with the local real estate business. The to-do list is very extensive: choosing the right property, researching it from a both legal and technical point of view, negotiating and closing a deal in compliance with the full legal procedure, advertising the property for rent, drafting a rental agreement, maintaining the property, offering a full range of hospitality services to the long-term tenants or short-term guests of the property. How about considering one single network to take care of it all?

property management italy

A good choice for property management in Italy is a group of savvy professionals – real estate agents, surveyors, architects, lawyers and accountants – ready to take care of your property. Thanks to extensive long-standing expertise, and deep-rooted insight and knowledge about Tuscany, offers all-round highly proficient services in all areas of real estate management, ensuring its clients fruitful handling and a profitable investment. 

Services are provided on a percentage basis, using one of the two following methods: 

1. by the assigning of a mandate by the principal owner to the property management agency for taking care of the real estate unit in exchange of a percentage of the revenue;

2. by the signing of a lease contract for the property between its owner and the agency – allowing for the agency to have comprehensive control on the property while the owner receives a fixed, predetermined rental price. 

Thus, each owner is free to decide whether he/she prefers to supervise the rental process and benefit from the realized profit, or, more simply, have a guaranteed monthly income and “no hassles”, and choose the corresponding option.

Services offered by the team provide a full spectrum of diverse activities, ranging from those related to finding tenants and maintaining the property to accommodating guests’ needs. Specifically, these include:

  • Property furnishing and decoration carefully studied to correspond to the tastes and desired style of the target audience – be this mainly tourists, students, or long-term rentals
  • Property advertisement, via the creation of a photo book or video presentation of the real estate unit and consequent publishing of these on reputable rental websites;
  • Registration of the property with the competent authorities, including the local municipality and police headquarters;
  • Negotiation and drafting of a lease agreement, and registration of the same at the Revenue Agency; 
  • Management of the on-time payment of all due utilities – be it through direct debit to the agency, or in another way, as agreed by the parties;
  • Consultancy and assistance as to the due property taxes, including tourist tax payment; 
  • Drafting of an Annual Rental Income Statement – (in compliance with Italian law this  is to be submitted by foreign property owners, as well as by Italian ones);
  • Representation in front of all competent authorities via a Power of Attorney act;
  • Provision of a range of activities related to property maintenance and hospitality, including, but not limited to: cleaning, check in, and emergency services – in cooperation with external suppliers; 
  • Installation and maintenance of security system, such as alarms, with the option of remote control in cooperation with external suppliers; 
  • Reporting service in English – as regards the state of the property, accumulated income, market trends – and translation of all required information.

Our Services

Our skilled team of real estate agents, lawyers, accountants, architects, surveyors, and designers are at foreign investors’ service to assist and facilitate the process of sourcing suitable real estate assets in Italy. Committed to guaranteeing our clients enjoy a fruitful outcome we provide:

  • deep-rooted knowledge of the Italian real estate market, local insight and an extensive network of contacts which allows us to assist entrepreneurs, help them gain familiarity with the local property market, approach real estate agencies  and, finally, find the right property;
  • a full range of professional services related to construction, restoration, renovation and furnishing;
  • property advertisement and lease drafts;
  • all services related to the submission of registration and tax documentation to the competent authorities, in compliance with current legislation requirements;
  • full assistance with all undertakings as regards maintenance and hospitality;
  • timely periodic reports on the property;
  • all-round bespoke services, ranging from assistance with property selection to its renovation and management.

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