Real estate business management


Prepping the property, finding the right tenants, taking care of maintenance and utilities. Not to mention dealing with the tenants once one has found them, getting a good profit out of one’s investment and… possibly getting on with one’s life and business too…

Real estate business management: when a lease turns into a job

“Hand in the keys and then all you have to do is collect rent” is a myth. Property owners who have experience in leases know that there are a lot of diverse issues and tasks that need to be dealt with. Moreover, many of these may be troublesome, and, in any case, most are terribly time-consuming and all require a continuous (i.e. Christmas and public holidays included) commitment.  Examples are countless, and putting them down on paper is enough to daunt anyone’s enthusiasm. Whenever the tenant misses a month’s salary a reminder has to be sent, every time the heating doesn’t work one has got to see to it, when the neighbors complain it’s the owner’s problem, when a tile breaks it has to be fixed… and then again it’s time to carry out the due ISTAT adjustment or make an expense balance. Whatever the single issue implies all together it certainly looks (and feels) like a full-time job. So… why not have a professional do it for you?

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IRECOM: a specialized proficient global consultant to manage your rentals

In addition to providing property owners with all-round comprehensive assistance as regards real estate rental services, comprising – but not limited to –  assisting them in the search for the ideal tenant and contract drafting, our company boasts extensive experience in the management of real estate assets. Committed to our clients’ satisfaction and success and knowledgeable about current legislation and more than familiar with customary Italian daily life, we take care of all aspects of their rental easily, swiftly and properly. In a nutshell? We take the load off the owner’s back coordinating and managing all interpersonal relationships, from the one with the tenants (and/or rental agency if applicable) to the one with the administrator, handle the annual rental report, revise contracts so as to include extensions and resolutions, and are available to assist for maintenance interventions. Whether our clients choose to enter rental agreements with private individuals or via agencies we are at their side at all times, committed, dedicated and prepared. So… what happens when the shower stops working? Or the tenant plays disco music all night long? Our team of pros promptly steps in, ready to solve the issue, following up once it’s settled and always keeping the owner in the loop.  

Why choose a dedicated business management? To have hassle-free, worry-free, problem-free rentals

Some clients come to us because they don’t want to have direct relationships with tenants. Some because they have a lot of units, apartments, assets to manage. Others simply because they have a demanding job and have no time – nor desire – to waste the few hours they have for themselves dealing with the hassles of landlordship. There are a thousand reasons to choose a professional consultant to deal with one’s real estate assets’ duties, and a good many reasons to rely on us to do it for you. Proficient, reliable, law-savvy and straightforward we pride ourselves in being at your service, always, in full compliance with Italian law and regulations. We operate honestly and justly, and safeguard our clients’ interests in accordance with the law, delimiting the boundaries between owner and tenant. Keeping both parties’ responsibilities in mind, we guarantee equitable and fair rental dealings, and smooth relationships. Looking at it closely we are somewhat like a filter, or a sieve…we deal with the clogging, avoid it to cause real damage and ward off any nasty friction that may occur.

Our services

A tight-knit team of qualified highly skilled professionals which comprises real estate managers, constructors, accountants, technicians, architects and lawyers. Proficient in all fields involved in property rentals, our staff provides property owners with expert all-round advice and assistance, efficiently managing hundreds of rental properties every year. 

Our long-practiced effective working method, state-of-the-art IT tools and continuous training on the latest industry regulations enables us to handle each and every issue competently, solve problems easily, iron out disputes and attend to all duties professionally. Committed to our clients’ full satisfaction, we offer a customized approach, providing each owner with consultancy and assistance tailored on his/her needs.

The main and preeminent services we provide for rental management are:

  • contract renewals and revisions;
  • tax advisory services and fulfilment of tax obligations;
  • ascertainment of payment receipt and notification of outstanding payments due;
  • equalization of condominium expenses;
  • administrative control;
  • direct contacts with the conductor;
  • cooperation with external technicians;
  • legal advice;
  • calculation of the 21% flat tax (cedolare secca).

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