Virtual property management in Italy


Charming farmhouses in the open countryside, fascinating city center apartments, historical buildings in lovely surroundings…easy to rent and/or turn into thriving businesses! There’s no doubt about it, on top of their innate allure Italian real estate assets offer an unrivalled fringe benefit: they’re suitable (actually perfect) to produce income while you’re away. 

So, you’ve recently fallen for that heavenly farmhouse in the Chianti hills, but can’t relocate right now? You’re well aware that keeping it vacant will cost you a lot, in terms of taxes and maintenance costs, would like to make a profit out of it but can’t figure out how, from overseas? Count on us! 

Renting your newly purchased property out, and making up for your investment through rental fees proportionate to its actual value, is by far the wisest thing you can do. Ideally, one would want to get prospective tenants able to pay what was agreed, dependable people who do not cause damage to the home and pay on time, regularly. But sourcing, and managing, tenants is not a hobby. It’s a real job, and a potentially challenging one at that. One needs to have the time, and the energy to handle it. A foreign owner resident abroad with a full time job may easily end up overwhelmed by the responsibilities involved. He/she is bound to start thinking “wouldn’t it be ever so nice to have someone do this for me, act on my behalf, deal with the pestering and difficulties and taking it all off my back!”. 

virtual property management

What is virtual property management?

Let us help, we’ll relieve you from your worries in a jiffy! Specialized in virtual management of apartments and homes for temporary rentals for short and medium periods we have the expertise, proficiency, know-how and tools it takes to relieve you from rent-related hassles forever. 

Short-term rentals, i.e. those ranging from 1 to 29 nights, are the most requested for tourist rentals. People traveling on business or tourists who need support for a few days look for this kind of agreement. On the other hand average rents, those ranging from 30 nights to 18 months, are generally more sought after by workers or students, people who need an abode for longer periods to attend school or their jobs. Whatever the rental period, wherever the property is located, and whatever its features we manage it perfectly and attentively, guaranteeing hassle-free profits to the owner. Our state-of the-art virtual property management tools allow us to manage countless properties throughout the whole Italian territory, or, alternatively provide owners with the option to manage his/her asset directly or via a selected representative.  In this case the owner of the property handles the asset’s operational management, positions it on the portals, and deals with prospective guests until their actual arrival. 

Hence, we offer different options for an owner to choose from.

Deciding to entrust virtual property management means not having to worry about anything at all, beginning to end. Our qualified specialists take care of promoting the property, finding referenced guests and dealing with all aspects relating to management and ordinary and extraordinary maintenance. The advantages of letting specialists manage the rental of an apartment are numerous:

  • compared to a 4 × 4 rental contract an owner can increase his/her annual income by 15-25%, with peaks of up to 50%, before taxes and net of costs;
  • the risk of arrears is practically nil;
  • every time a tenant leaves, we take care of finding another one by promoting the property on the main distribution channels;
  • we offer guarantees on the signing of the contract for average rents;
  • the optimal sale price is applied to the property;
  • our professionals take care of managing reservations, welcoming renters, checking the apartment after check out, managing final cleaning and responses to reviews;
  • whatever the standing agreements the owner maintains possession and full availability of the apartment;

Our Services

Our long-standing experience, Italy-based headquarters and commitment to success enable us to proudly state that all owners who delegate rental agreements to us increase their profits, and enjoy freedom from bureaucratic issues and organizational tasks.

Specifically, we’re ready to help by:

  • creating property-related content;
  • promoting property on the major channels (;
  • promoting property on our dedicated in-house channels ( /;
  • dealing with potential tenants from the first expression of interest: we’ll be the ones to chat with them;
  • dealing with all red tape duties and bureaucratic requirements: we’ll be the ones to obtain tenants’ fiscal codes; draft the rental leases, register it with Italian tax authorities.

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