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Sourcing the right property to purchase, or the right buyer for a property one is desirous to sell, is a meaningful, serious move. It needs to be pondered extensively, as there are numerous different criteria that need to be taken into account, and executed properly. As specifically concerns the Italian real estate market options for real estate purchase make for a wide, extremely diverse selection for both residential and commercial properties. Offering an amazing collection of properties available for purchase, Italy proves to be an exciting and rewarding destination for real estate investments, but a daunting one too. Indeed, such a vast selection makes a prospective buyer’s, and a prospective seller’s, life harder, not easier. This is especially true for non-resident foreign investors and owners, often hindered both by physical distance and language barriers. 

Being able to count on dependable, proficient, experienced local advisors knowledgeable about standing legislation, insightful and perfectly familiar with the local market and its current trends proves to be vital. Comprising highly qualified real estate agents, lawyers, accountants, architects and surveyors, all ingenious pros with long-standing experience in their field. Our team guides foreign investors through the whole process of purchasing and selling properties in Italy smoothly, flawlessly and profitably.

Our assets? All-round expertise, cutting-edge purchase and sales strategies, extensive state-of-the-art databases, trustworthiness and in-depth knowledge of the territory and market. Committed to our clients’ success and satisfaction we provide undivided attention and highly qualified comprehensive services, innovative approaches and multilingual assistance to discerning clients worldwide. Unique sale strategies, bespoke advertisement and ingeniously crafted software tools allow us to be time-effective and efficient. Want to know how to purchase a house in Italy? Contact us and take a look at our extensive network of properties and real estate agents guarantees clients enjoy a far-ranging selection across all suitable market sectors. Our lawyers and fiscal advisors enable us to ensure full, seamless support throughout all legally relevant phases. 

how to purchase a house in italy

Find a property in Italy

Charming farmhouses, jazzy apartments, historic villas and cottages. Travelers seduced by Italy’s art, climate and scenery dream of relocating. Discerning investors realize that its ever-enduring attractions, make it an unequalled destination for a commercial real estate venture. Alluring and advantageous as it may appear, finding property in Italy presents prospective foreign buyers with a variety of challenges. Where to start one’s search, what destinations to look at? What kind of legal procedures shall one have to handle, what are the fiscal implications, and what kind of costs should one expect?


Do you need help with how to purchase a house in Italy? Purchasing a property in Italy may be daunting, for a foreign buyer. The bureaucratic proceedings, language difficulties, and somewhat byzantine legal system make for a not-always-smooth process. Our most bona fide advice to all foreign buyers is: please have a qualified on-site bilingual legal advisor assist you through the process.

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