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Charming farmhouses, jazzy apartments, historic villas and cottages. Travellers seduced by Italy’s art, climate and scenery dream of relocating. Discerning investors realize that its ever-enduring attractions, make it an unequalled destination for a commercial real estate venture. Alluring and advantageous as it may appear, finding property in Italy presents prospective foreign buyers with a variety of challenges. Where to start one’s search, what destinations to look at? What kind of legal procedures shall one have to handle, what are the fiscal implications, and what kind of costs should one expect?

Having an ample selection to choose from, and the facts on the queries above, is crucial. The language barrier, and lack of local knowledge and dependable contacts, slow down searches, and curtail options. On the other hand unfamiliarity with the local legal system, bureaucracy and taxation may cause serious hindrances. Being able to rely on dependable assistance offered by experienced local advisors is the key to success. Contact us to gain an insider’s view on the Italian real estate scenario. We guarantee you will reap the benefits of proficient support and legal expertise!

Committed to our clients full satisfaction we offer an extensive and far-reaching selection of all kinds of properties. Highly qualified English-speaking assistance, by a dedicated operator, ensures attentive service throughout each single phase of your search. Aiming to make our clients’ life easier we provide state-of-the-art virtual guided tours of suitable properties via leading-edge software tools. Finally, upon our client’s expression of interest, we follow through with negotiations, drafting of due diligence reports and assistance in the preparation of contracts.

Residential properties

Friendly locals, inspiring art and… daily cappuccinos! Fancy yourself living among Chianti’s vineyards, or surrounded by the cultural vibe of a thriving Italian city? Now’s the time to act on your desires, and decide to move to Italy for good or buy a postcard-perfect vacation abode. What region to look at? Who to trust for advice? Whatever your dream Italian home looks like we’ve got the know-how, contacts and expertise it takes to find it. Buying property in Italy as an American can be an exciting and easy experience with IRECOM’s support. Our resourceful and proficient real estate agents, lawyers, accountants, surveyors and architects provide bespoke perfectly English-speaking all-round assistance. Familiar with the perks of the local real estate market we facilitate your research, organize proficuous site visits, and help you find your ideal casa in Italia.

Commercial properties

A continuous flow of over 90 million visitors per year (source: ENIT) makes Italy an unparalleled landing-place for rewarding commercial real estate investments. Hotels, B&Bs, Guest Houses, Vacation Homes offer potentially successful business enterprises both for individual investors and companies. In a phrase? A foreign entrepreneur or firm who plays it right is in for plenty of years’ dividends. But Italian legislation, possible taxation snags and general red tape procedures can be disheartening.

The only way to find one’s way through the maze of rules, limits, licenses, and permits is having a team of on-site professionals to trust for timely exhaustive advice. IRECOM is not only your property finder in Italy but also an all-in-one solution to trust on. Dedicated to our client’s success, our team of real estate agents, accountants, lawyers, surveyors, engineers, and architects provides flawless, fluent English-speaking, expertise. And a vast range of dazzling, cost-effective, properties for sale to choose from. On our clients’ behalf, we inspect properties’ documents, carry on exhaustive surveys, and formulate comprehensive due diligence reports. Committed to providing time-effective service, we organize on-site and/or virtual site visits and draft complete across-the-board business plans, offering investors a far-sighted vision of their venture.

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