Purchasing a property in Italy may be daunting, for a foreign buyer. The bureaucratic proceedings, language difficulties and somewhat byzantine legal system make for a not-always-smooth process. Our most bona fide advice to all foreign buyers is: please have a qualified on-site bilingual legal advisor assist you through the process. 

A local English-speaking consultant proficient in Italian law, and knowledgeable about the property market, can deal with the diverse issues implied handily and efficiently. Making sure one receives all the documents the vendor needs to provide is one of the keys to a profitable purchase. These include the energy rating certificate (APE – attestato di prestazione energetica), land registry certificate, habitability certificate and building permission certificates. All critical documents which one needs to ensure legal compliance and full property rights. 

The purchase proposal and preliminary contract drafting also need to be handled by savvy pros, to safeguard oneself from surprises when it comes to signing the final deed of sale. Meantime, one will have had to find and select an honorable notary, before which the deed is to be signed. Knowing what is going on, i.e. having reliable and experienced English-speaking legal assistance, and full translations of each and every document, is crucial.

Our team of qualified real estate agents, experienced lawyers and resourceful accountants guides foreign buyers through the whole process of purchasing a real estate asset in Italy sleekly, easily and seamlessly. Fully versed in all legal requirements we provide English-speaking dedicated assistance throughout, due inspection of all preliminary documents, and supply full translations. We complete surveys of the seller’s rights and solvency, and represent our clients where and when necessary.

Residential properties

So you’ve made your choice, your heart is set on that whitewashed sun-kissed house with a balcony in the heart of Apulia. Seaside views, warm neighbours, and delicious food coming up next? Not yet. Many foreign buyers who have found the Italian dwelling they’ve always desired run into a variety of drawbacks, and slow-downs, when finalizing the purchase. There’s contact with the vendor, to start negotiations, or, alternatively, drafting of a purchase proposal. There will be due site visits, technical reports to draw up, documents to get together and inspect, to make sure everything is in order, and compliant with the law. Moreover, one will have to make sure these fundamental documents meet one’s requirements. Handling all these issues without being fluent in Italian is vexing, troublesome and, yes, dangerous. 

Contact us for all-round English-speaking expert assistance! Competent in all that concerns standing legislation and rules, skilled in handling both paperwork and people, our team of experts helps you through the dealings. Our lawyers, accountants, and agents offer professionalism, comprehensive expertise and dedicated undivided attention. We’ll take care of inspecting the preliminary documents, drawing up technical reports, and providing translations and itemized reports on their contents. We’ll draft the proposal documents, and deed, assist you in finding and selecting a notary. Finally, we will be pleased to draw up a power of attorney act, so as to avoid your traveling to and fro-

Commercial properties

Foreign entrepreneurs and non-Italian companies interested in investing in a property-based business, such as a hotel, B&B or holiday home necessarily need savvy seasoned on-site professionals. Local insight, and proficient expertise, are essential. Firstly because getting around the many legal and bureaucratic issues demands adroit practical know-how, as well as resourcefulness. Also because an insider’s view offers undoubtful advantages. For instance, all investors will readily agree that a key aspect is financing. Can a foreign buyer aiming to set up a hospitality business in Italy obtain financing? Whom should one refer to?

Knowledge of the red tape mechanisms allows a foreign investor to ascertain whether applying for financial support is possible, and make sure that what one is buying corresponds to one’s actual needs. For example, a prospective buyer will want to know that the Italian government allows for tax benefits and administrative incentives for the establishment of innovative startups, and also allows for benefits when considering certain locations. On the other hand, when purchasing a commercial real estate asset one will have to be sure all documents and technical prerequisites are exhaustively drawn up and compliant with standing legislation. 

Our team of qualified well-versed English-speaking pros provides straight-to-the-point comprehensive assistance in all legal, fiscal and technical aspects of real estate assets’ purchase. Committed to your success and overall profit, we follow up, follow through, and make your investment a success.

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