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Are you interested in a property to renovate in Italy? Heavenly landscapes, innate charm, healthy food and sublime art at one’s doorstep. The advantages of buying real estate in Italy are manifold, especially if one decides to go for an ancient or period property, for instance a splendid old farmhouse. Not only do historic premises offer a unique atmosphere, restoring a “vintage” property is also an exciting, gratifying and sustainable choice. Yet, renovating one’s newly-purchased property in Italy means having to face a plethora of bureaucratic duties, baffling local rules, and finding reliable contractors to do the job. On top of it all there’s understanding what permits, among the many existing, one needs, and dealing with the public authorities to obtain them. Foreign buyers may incur in hindrances due to the difficulty of communicating with local agents, public officers, surveyors, architects, contractors and builders. Our team of highly qualified English-speaking architects, engineers, specialized technicians and surveyors offers comprehensive, knowledgeable dedicated assistance for all types of renovations and restorations. Resourceful, experienced and time-effective we evaluate work permits needed and submit these on owners’ behalf. To facilitate procedures and ensure seamless logistics we provide itemized bills of quantities and site measurements in English. Committed to our clients’ satisfaction we manage construction sites effectively, and provide avant-garde software tools which allow clients to enjoy virtual viewing of the ongoing construction works. Click below if you are interested in finding a property to renovate in Italy.

Residential properties

Renovating a house in Italy can be a delightful or horrific process. Dealing with the legal and contractual issues, as well as the more down-to-earth matters, restoring a property implies, can be a time-consuming and challenging task even in your own country. Handling it all in Italy, where a foreign buyer may feel puzzled by the standing legislation and rules, as well as the language, can be intimidating. On the other hand, some of the most alluring Italian properties for sale do need to be renovated, updated, restored, and outfitted. Because the property is old, for instance, the many lovely countryside homes dating back to the 18th and 19th century, and because the owner needs more comfort, appliances, facilities than those present. Also, real estate assets on the market with the wording “da restaurare”, to be restored, or “da ristrutturare”, to be renovated, may be an excellent bargain, and, later, owning a time-honored Italian home will prove to be a genuine joy! But the many factors involved in renovating – construction agreements with the contractors, policies and liability regulations, permits – to be dealt with and complied with are numerous. Renovating a house in Italy is easier when you have the right help. Finding one’s way around the Italian rules and laws implied renovation, complying with the law, and actually bringing one’s Italian dream house to life is no panic, especially if one lives abroad. Expertise, proficiency, and qualified assistance in all that concerns legal, fiscal, technical and architectural aspects of restoration and renovation projects are our assets. Our architects, technicians and surveyors, all fluent in English, provide full information and proficient expertise, ensuring attentive no-nonsense onsite assistance at all times. Aiming to make our clients’ life easier we provide different quotes for them to choose from, and share our ideas and progress via ingenious dedicated software. To assist with the daily needs of a foreign resident we also supply strategic solutions to minimize the cost of utilities and safely manage properties from abroad.

Commercial properties

Timely operations, cost-effective solutions, dazzling results. Time-saving and unwasteful management of restoration and renovation works is the key to soon being able to reap the benefits of one’s investment. On the other hand law needs to be complied with, the job must be perfectly done, materials used have to be excellent, so the overall result will be polished. Being able to properly ascertain costs and evaluate their impact. Dealing with local public officers to obtain permits, and being sure one can actually rebuild/restore/renovate as desired, in compliance with municipal regulations and applicable standards. All potentially hazardous factors which a team of experienced English-speaking locally based professionals can expedite and facilitate. First and foremost the vital issue of complying with standing legislation, because renovation work carried out without the needed authorizations is subject to criminal prosecution. Being able to count on the advice and resourcefulness of competent local advisors, including architects, technical specialists, engineers and legal consultants guarantees meeting legal requirements properly and promptly. Committed to our clients’ satisfaction we draft bespoke projects, prepare provisional plans to obtain building permits. By preparing itemized budgets and bills of quantities, and customized tax plans, we optimize our clients’ expenses. The support of leading-edge technology, specific software we develop in-house, and careful management of construction sites offers our foreign clients constant visual updates and certainty about ongoing operations, and avoids time-consuming journeys.

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