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A rich centuries-old cultural and artistic heritage, inspiring landscapes and sublime wine and food. Ever since the epic Grand Tour Italy’s polychrome legacy has been beckoning to the world, attracting hundreds of thousands of travellers and visitors every year. If there’s one thing an astute and far-sighted foreign investor knows it’s that Italy is never going to go out of fashion! Desired and dreamed about worldwide il bel paese is, and will always be, one of the world’s most coveted tourist destinations. Which also implies it will continue being one of the most strategic destinations to focus on for commercial real estate investments. Because embarking on a commercial real estate venture in Italy, particularly one that involves accommodation and/or recreation, offers direct access to Italy’s 50 million+ yearly tourists. In a nutshell? Savvy foreign investors are bound to get excellent dividends, provided they purchase the right kind of property, and are able to outfit it and beautify it to respond to travellers’ desires.

commercial property design

The first step to ponder is what kind of property to choose, and buy. Easily said: hotels, bed and breakfasts, agriturismos (farm holiday accommodation solutions), holiday homes and farms are all wonderfully favourable investment options. The second, and possibly lengthiest and challenging, is renovating/restoring it, fitting it out, furnishing and decorating it to meet prospective clients’ demands, wishes and, possibly, their daydreams too. 

Needless to say, in fact, a commercial property has to be lovely, and somewhat seductive, because in Italy one simply expects to find elegance and charm. Refurbishing and enhancing the commercial real estate asset is the key to success, but managing to do it all on one’s own may very well be daunting for a foreign investor, unfamiliar with the local market, and possibly not fluent in Italian. Plus, having to travel to and from a foreign country is not the ideal condition to be in, when it comes to selecting contractors, dealing with prospective suppliers, choosing bathroom tiles, and picking out the most tasteful fabrics.

Understanding the Italian way for commercial property design

Selecting the right style, one that feels “right” and blends with the environment and premises is crucial to get a good outcome, to please and charm your future clients and to create a venue that boasts character. Depending on where the property is located, and what it will host, an inspired owner will wish to underline its innate country simplicity, or enhance contemporary “city style” fashion. 

Whatever the style, going for Made In Italy furnishings, brands, textiles and the like is the first-rate choice. Yes, because Italian manufacturing brands, artisan-crafted fabrics and niche products, are not only impeccable and superb to behold, they also perfectly express Italy’s unique flair and finesse… after all, Italians have been making marvelous furniture and weaving wool, silk and linen ever since the Middle Ages! 

So, how to source trustworthy suppliers? How to be sure you’re making the right choices as concerns furnishings, amenities, and overall “look” of your commercial property in Italy? Where to find the best materials and pieces?

Our team is at your service. On-site, perfectly English-speaking, proficient in all fields implied in property finding, purchase, renovating, furnishing and decorating we provide reliable comprehensive service, enabling our foreign clients to reap the benefits of perfectly turned out – hence incredibly fruitful – commercial properties in Italy.

Comprising a tightly-knit crew of experienced in-house professionals, as well as a wide network of highly qualified partners we facilitate and assist the full renovating process and provide all-round services as concerns implementing, furnishing and decorating.

Keeping each property’s cultural characteristics and environmental identity in mind we provide competent technical support, ideas for better energy efficiency, bespoke interior design projects, visionary inventive approaches and unique customized furniture. All with high-quality materials and the finest locally produced 100% Italian products.

Finally, to make the proceedings convenient, pleasant and rewarding for our clients abroad, allowing them to avoid continued wearing journeys while fully participating in the refurbishment, we provide complete state-of-the-art online catalogues, comprehensive of all furniture and design ideas. 

Aiming to create unique character-full properties we provide tailor-designed and custom-built furnishings, and show them to our clients via leading-edge software, enabling them to visualize, understand and comment on our ideas. 

Committed to our clients’ success we’re creative, cost-effective, time-effective, straight-to-the-point, and dependable. Passionate about our country we provide skilled masterly construction services combined with typically Italian style, elegance and pizzazz!  

Our Services

Real estate agents, lawyers, accountants, architects, surveyors, and designers. Long-standing experience, proficiency and know-how enable our crew to lead prospective investors through the different stages of finding, renovating, decorating and furnishing commercial properties in Italy.

In detail, we facilitate foreign investors by:

  • sharing our insight and knowledge on the local real estate market, helping clients find the right property for their investment
  • inspecting the property and its documents;
  • drafting offers, negotiating and dealing with the purchase;
  • providing all services needed for construction, renovation or furnishing works;
  • supplying online catalogues of design ideas and/or options for custom-made high quality furnishings;
  • providing visualization of the interior with leading-edge bespoke software;
  • supplying choice world-class products, artisan-crafted  and “Made in Italy”;
  • offer all-round dependable service, assisting through every single phase, from property selection to renovation and management;

Also, once the property is on the market, we will be delighted to assist clients:

  • providing expert advice as concerns Brand creation;
  • creating property-related content;
  • promoting property on the major channels (;
  • promoting property on our dedicated in-house channels (;

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