Interior design in Italy


Italy’s centuries of rich history, world-acclaimed culture, magical nature and fantastic cuisine, trigger people from all around the world not only to visit the country, but even to choose it as their home. Finding the right property in Italy may fulfill one’s dreams, but the path which leads to making it feel like home inevitably entails designing and furnishing the space in correspondence to one’s needs and tastes. On the other hand, even if the property has been acquired for investment purposes, be it rental or purchase, it needs to be equipped and furnished to answer its target audience’s demands and desires. Interior design and furniture in Italy are top-level, but you need to find the right one for your needs. This could be a challenge for a foreigner, bound to be unfamiliar with the local market and thus not know where to source trustworthy suppliers.

interior design in italy

Interior design in Italy: what we offer

IRECOM provides all-round service, including:

  • inspection of the property documents
  • on-site visits
  • legal advice
  • representation in closing the purchase deal
  • renovation
  • furnishing
  • later management of the property

As regards a property’s interior our team of proficient experts and extensive network of reliable and dedicated partners can connect you with the best interior designers in Italy, enabling us to cover all of the following areas:

  • technical support and advice as to the real estate unit in question;
  • review of the technical documentation;
  • ideas for better energy efficiency;
  • sanitary plans and organization;
  • division of the interior space;
  • furnishing with an individual approach;
  • design up to the smallest details.

To make the process conveniently accessible to our foreign clients even from abroad, and enable them to avoid constant unnecessary journeys to and from, we provide full online catalogues, comprehensive of all furniture and design ideas. Looking to ensure the uniqueness and individuality of the property we also create custom-made furniture to best answer our clients’ needs, and use dedicated leading-edge software, so each can see and understand our ideas quickly and easily online. This unique approach of ours is time-effective, cost-effective, dependable and unfailing. We get more work done in a shorter time span, and guarantee our clients are able to duly supervise and actively participate in each step of the process. 

Other than working with respected professionals we focus on using high-quality materials and the finest locally produced furniture: their world-known characteristics best speak for our country and testify to its innate elegance. Specifically, we work with Made in Italy brands so as to ensure a representation of the Italian way of living, and the highest quality, to safeguard excellence whilst providing our clients with a rainbow of diverse adaptable options, for each to choose what matches their individual taste.

Our Services

A highly qualified team of real estate agents, lawyers, accountants, architects, surveyors, and designers. Long-standing expertise, ingeniousness and adroitness are what make our crew able to lead prospective investors through the different stages of sourcing the most adequate real estate options in Italy, purchase the property they prefer and then renovate and refurbish it to perfection.

In detail, what we do to assist foreign investors is:

  • offer the insight they need to get to know the local real estate market, approach a real estate agency, and find the right property;
  • duly inspect the property and all related documents;
  • draft a first offer, negotiate and ensure closing of the deal in our client’s best interest;
  • facilitate any construction, renovation or furnishing works our client might decide to carry out;
  • provide a catalogue of design ideas and/or diverse options for custom-made high quality furnishings;
  • provide a visualization of the interior via dedicated state-of-the-art software;
  • provide only the finest high-standard products and “Made in Italy” brands;
  • offer all-round dependable service, assisting through every single phase, from property selection to renovation and management

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