Emilia-Romagna: land of the opportunities

A rich, bold, and beautiful region

Welcoming, opulent, and productive. Emilia-Romagna is a land of bounty, with handsome cities and charming towns woven in and across its bountiful valleys, golden beaches, and snow-capped mountains. Birthplace of manifold marvels that range from Maserati, Ferrari and Parmigiano Reggiano to Luciano Pavarotti, balsamic vinegar and Italy’s most popular beachfront disco scene, Emilia-Romagna is nothing short of extraordinary.

Aerial view of Castelvetro village, Modena, Italy.

Where is Emilia-Romagna located in Italy?

Emilia-Romagna rises in north-central Italy, and stretches from the Adriatic Sea to the Apennines, encompassing the river Po and its fertile lowlands. The region includes 9 provinces, specifically Bologna, Ferrara, Forlì, Modena, Parma, Piacenza, Ravenna, Reggio Emilia, and Rimini, and shares borders with 6 other Italian regions – Piemonte, Veneto, Lombardy, Liguria, Tuscany, and Marche – and a foreign state, the Republic of San Marino.

Why buy property in Emilia-Romagna Italy

A pleasant lifestyle along with well-groomed and well-serviced cities and towns, make Emilia-Romagna a very attractive region for real estate investments. Purchasing property in Emilia-Romagna to relocate, albeit briefly, also means enjoying a high standard of living. Case in point: Parma ranks 1st and Bologna 4th in the list of the Italian cities that offer the highest quality of life. 

Property for sale in Emilia-Romagna Italy: is this the new frontier?

In an interesting article on Forbes, journalist Rebecca Ann Hughes recounts how many digital nomads have chosen this region for their temporary home. Why? To work remotely from outstanding locations, and savor superb food and refreshing amenities at the end of the workday. Evidently, renting or owning property in Emilia-Romagna provides unexpected perks and great lifestyle bonuses.

Emilia-Romagna property prices

The latest data published by the leading Italian real estate portal Immobiliare.it reveals enlightening information on how popular buying property in Emilia-Romagna, Italy, has become. In fact, in February 2022 the average price per square meter, for residential properties in Emilia Romagna, hit €1,830, the highest rate reached for over 2 years, and 1.67%+ compared to February 2021. Emilia-Romagna property prices were highest in the province of Rimini, (€2.499 per square meter) and lowest in the district of Piacenza (€1.282).

Bologna, Italy: real estate opportunities amidst the porticoes

Everything created and produced in Emilia-Romagna is lavish, from its signature delicacies and supercars to the earnest warmth of its inhabitants. The houses for sale in Bologna, Italy, the region’s capital and 4th largest city in Italy, make no exception. Options for investing in real estate in Bologna comprise flats and apartments encased by the beautiful colonnades and medieval buildings of the historic center and dwellings in the surroundings.

Bologna, Italy houses for sale – current market trends

Are people interested in investing in real estate in Bologna? “What we see is an ever-increasing demand for real estate investments, especially in the larger northern Italian cities, Milan and Bologna” says Marco Breglia, president of the Scenari Immobiliari real estate network, in an interview with the Italian news agency ANSA, “and we expect a further increase in prices, up to 5% in major cities, for the whole of 2022 and into 2023.”  

Yes, the demand for real estate in Bologna is soaring.

Bologna Italy real estate prices 

But how much do houses for sale in Bologna, Italy, cost? That’s what knowing investors really want to know, so let’s take a close look at the current situation. As reported by Immobiliare.it’s experts, as of February 2022 the average price per square meter of residential properties for sale in Bologna Italy, considering the whole province, was €2.308. 

Panoramic view of Romagna coast or Riviera Romagnola, famous beach in Adriatic sea. Italy.

Cost range for property for sale in Bologna

What this means is that prices have increased by 2.35%, compared to the same month in 2021 when the average per square meter stood at €2.255. Needless to say, the highest price per square meter for houses for sale in Bologna, Italy was that requested for homes in the city center, €3.135, and as per the general prices recorded in Emilia-Romagna, this figure is the highest registered over the last two years.

Houses for sale in Bologna Italy: the scenario in the city 

The latest data provided by the Mercato Immobiliare Observatory, offers illuminating information on where houses for sale in Bologna Italy are located. As of March 23, the study reveals, there are 10,241 real estate listings in the city, 6,988 of which are for sale. The neighborhoods and districts where most of the houses for sale in Bologna, Italy are located are the Historical Center, Savena, San Vitale, Santo Stefano, Borgo Panigale, Corticella, Bolognina, Saragozza.

The insight provided by real estate agents in Bologna, Italy

Real estate agents in Bologna, Italy, can offer valuable insight onto the ongoing trends. For instance Alan Pisano, team manager of the Tempocasa Group, comments on the fact that the COVIDE pandemic has shaped requirements into something new. The demand for 4+ room flats is increasing, he says, and many prospective buyers are going for recently upgraded and renewed suburban neighborhoods, such as Savena and Corticella.

Houses for sale in Bologna Italy: where to buy

As the above-quoted Mercato Immobiliare Observatory showcases, Bologna offers a good range of different options in different areas. Choosing the right location is key, so where should an investor look for a house for sale in Bologna Italy? Prices are naturally higher in the historic center – specifically, €3.897 per square meter in February 2022, as reported by Immobiliare.itbut the characteristics of the different neighborhoods are important as well. 

Which neighborhoods to choose for real estate in Bologna

Again, the Tempocasa Group’s careful on-site analysis provides a good overview of the areas, and advice on where to find the ideal house for sale in Bologna Italy.

Bologna, Italy: houses for sale in the historic center

A lively cultural hub, graced by period buildings and arcades, and rich in piazzas, green and pedestrian areas. In the historic center of Bologna, Italy, the houses for sale are distinctive in style and, generally, date back to the fifties. Prices, naturally, mirror the prestige: a home in the coveted D’Azeglio area can hit €3,700 euros per square meter, and in the Cerchia dei Mille and Due Torri neighborhoods it goes down to circa €3,600.

Bologna, Italy: houses for sale in the Navile neighborhood 

The former Corticella and Bolognina districts have been largely redeveloped, restored and revamped over the last few years. Today, Bolognina is a favorite destination for families, and Corticella, located just five kilometers from the ancient city walls, is sought-after by those who need easy access to the highway. Average prices for houses for sale in these areas are around €2,600/2,800 per square meter.

Bologna, Italy: houses for sale in the Toscana-Savena neighborhood

Verdant, nicely groomed, rich in services and schools (13!), it is probably the most sought-after by families and young couples. Strategically located on the banks of the Savena river, recently transformed into a beautiful park, at just a brief drive or subway ride form the city center, it offers well-lit bike and pedestrian paths. The flats, penthouses, and independent villette for sale in this neighborhood are generally bright and spacious. Prices stand around €2,700 per square meter.

Aerial view of Bologna. Historic capital of the Emilia-Romagna region, in northern Italy.

Bologna, Italy: houses for sale in the Porto-Saragozza neighborhood

Located in the northwest area of the city, it is Bologna’s most-populated neighborhood. Brimming with stores, shops and services, it also boasts pleasant parks and green areas where seasonal events are hosted. Also, the recent refurbishment of the Manifattura delle Arti, has turned the whole district into a new and upcoming cultural haven. In this area houses for sale go for approximately €3,200 per square meter.

Bologna, Italy: houses for sale in the Santo Stefano neighborhood, and the hills of Bologna

Santo Stefano is Bologna’s well-to-do neighborhood, renowned throughout the surroundings for its top-notch shops and luxurious buildings: Art Nouveau villas, elite apartments and prestigious homes line the streets. Bologna’s famous hills are, par excellence, the most peaceful and quiet area of the city. Yet, in just a few minutes one can be in the historic center. The houses for sale in this area of Bologna, Italy, are spacious and elegant surrounded by gardens. Many also offer breathtaking views of the city. Prices vary depending on the size and prestige of the properties, generally between €3.100 and €4.200 per square meter.

Following is a summary table with the costs per square meter of Bologna districts.

CityDistrictCost per sqmTrend compared to March 2021
BolognaCity Center3.909 €/m²+ 2,38%
Hills of Bologna3.909 €/m²– 1,14%
San Donato2.537 €/m²+ 3,64%
Costa, Saragozza, Saffi3.329 €/m²+ 2,59% 
Barca, Santa Viola3.329 €/m²+ 11,50%
Borgo Panigale, Aeroporto2.440 €/m²+ 1,75%
Bolognina, Corticella, Pescarola2.862 €/m²+ 4,61%
San Donato, Pilastro2.537 €/m²+ 3,64%
Murri, Massarenti3.218 €/m²+ 2,75%
San Vitale, Mazzini2.846 €/m²+ 1,21%
Toscana, Savena2.796 €/m²+ 3,17%
Data taken from Immobiliare.it

Here you will find a table with the prices per square meter of the major cities of the Emilia Romagna region.

ProvinceCityCost per sqmTrend compared to March 2021
BolognaBologna3.130 €/m²+ 2,15%
San Lazzaro di Savena2.897 €/m²+ 4,04%
RiminiRimini2.423 €/m²+ 0,25%
Riccione4.064 €/m²+ 6,47%
RavennaRavenna1.850 €/m²+ 2,10%
FerraraFerrara1.390 €/m²+ 1,39%
ForlìForlì1.607 €/m²+ 6,21%
ParmaParma2.048 €/m²+ 4,86%
PiacenzaPiacenza1.539 €/m²– 0,39%
Reggio EmiliaReggio Emilia1.731 €/m²+ 7,72%
ModenaModena2.191 €/m²+ 2,38% 
Data taken from Immobiliare.it

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