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Where is Lazio, Italy?

Comprising 17,242 km2 (6,657 sq mi) of land, the Lazio region is located in west-central Italy, looks out onto the Tyrrhenian Sea, and borders with 5 other Italian regions, specifically Tuscany, Umbria, Marche, Abruzzo and Molise. Renowned worldwide for its magnificent capital, Rome – also capital of the Italian state and influential hub as regards media, transport and other service industries – the Lazio region boasts a rich tradition in agriculture, livestock rearing, crafts, and fishing. A few of the most delicious local specialties produced in  Lazio are pecorino cheese, olives, grapes, and wine.

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Lazio Italy Map

Whether one is looking to buy real estate in Rome, Italy, or considering relocation options in one of the smaller towns of Lazio, knowing the facts about the region’s geography is vital. So, let’s take a look at the map of Lazio, Italy. The mountainous areas of the region are mostly located in the eastern part, where the Reatini, Sabini, Simbruini, and Ernici Appenine mountains ranges rise, while the rest of the Lazio is mainly flat aside from the Volsini, Cimini, Sabatini, and Albani mountains. The latter, of volcanic origin, are located respectively northwest and southwest of the capital, Rome, which lies in the central area of the region surrounded by the Roman campagna (i.e. countryside). 

lazio map

The coast and lakes of Lazio

The Lazio region also comprises an extensive, mainly sandy, coastline that stretches from Tuscan Maremma to Campania and is crowned by two lovely forelands, Gaeta and the Circeo, famous for their natural beauty and pleasant vacation lifestyle. The surroundings of Rome and Roman campagna are also renowned for their lakes. Among these, Lake Bracciano, Lake Bolsena, Lake Vico and Lake Nemi are certainly the most evocative and fascinating.

The Lazio region: main cities

Counting 2,864,731 inhabitants, and a total of 1,356,441 families, Rome is by far the largest and most populated city in Lazio. The region’s other major cities don’t even come close, both population-wise and fame-wise, but several deserve to be mentioned both for their unquestionable importance and for their attractiveness. Latina, located some 62 km (39 mi) south of Rome, is the second-largest city in the Lazio region, and a remarkable example of rationalist architecture. Other important cities are Viterbo, a charming Medieval and Renaissance city near the Tuscan and Umbrian border, Rieti and the two main seafront towns: Fiumicino and Civitavecchia.

The most beautiful towns to buy your house in Lazio

The Lazio region is endowed with a variety of picturesque ancient towns and villages, all of which carry an eventful historical legacy alongside a centuries-old architectural heritage that ranges from the Middle Ages to the early 1900s, thriving local customs and a rich culinary tradition. Among these, travelers should definitely factor in a visit to the following: Civita di Bagnoregio, Calcata and Caprarola, all three perched atop golden tuff hillsides; Frascati, Nemi and Castel Gandolfo, the gems of the Castelli Romani; Sperlonga, Santa Severa and San Felice Circeo, on the coast.

House prices in Lazio: where you can make a deal

Lazio’s coast, inland, and lakeside areas all boast a wide range of diverse attractions that stretch from history to art to cuisine, and are marvelously enhanced by a pleasant, laid-back, lifestyle and warm, welcoming locals. Moreover, the capital’s towing force is everlasting and far-reaching. Yes, choosing to invest in real estate in Rome, Italy, or other areas of Lazio, is, in principle, a savvy decision. But is this the right time to buy? Let’s look at the current real estate market scenario.

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Cityscape of Rome, aerial view. Saint Angelo castle, bridges and Tiber river

Prices per square meter for residential properties in Lazio

The latest survey data published by one of Italy’s leading real estate portals, specifically, reveals that in February 2022 the average price per square meter of residential properties for sale in Lazio stood at €2.438, hence showing a decrease (1.46%) compared to February 2021, when it was at €2.474 per square meter. Looking at the market fluctuations that occurred over the last two years is illuminating: residential property for sale in the Lazio region reached its peak price – an average of €2.488 per square meter – in March 2021.

House prices in Rome: what’s up?

It goes without saying that prices per square meter vary considerably from one province to another and that they are, significantly, higher in Rome. Let’s look at the figures, as reported by The real estate portal’s last drawn up survey shows an average price per square meter of €2.712 for houses for sale in Rome, Italy in February 2022, with a decrease of 0.22% compared to the same month one year ago, in 2021. Again, the data gathered over the last 2 years is enlightening: prices per square meter for houses in Rome, Italy, reached their peak in March 2021, hitting a record of €2.736.

Are houses for sale in Rome Italy in demand?

Evident charm and fascination aside, a recent study conducted by Scenari Immobiliari, the leading Italian independent research institute specialized in real estate market trends analyses, together with Fabrica Immobiliare Sgr, the specialist in asset management, offers insightful information. The study, entitled “Roma 2030. The capital in the new  international scenario” and carried out further to the Italian government’s unveiling of Rome’s bid as host city for the 2030 Expo clearly illustrates that the Eternal city still dominates the European scene, ranking fourth in the list of Europe’s most desirable, attractive and coveted cities. So, yes, houses in Rome, Italy, appear to be are all the rage.

rome italy real estate for sale
Aerial view of the city of Rome, Italy. Drone shot of Roma, above view of the buildings

Real estate in Rome: the forecast

The above-mentioned research shows how the current trend will lead to a significant increase in private real estate investments, bringing these from the circa 1.1 billion total in 2020 to 2 billion in 2022. Over the next few years, the experts say, both demand and supply for real estate in Rome, Italy are bound to increase, raising the sales prices of all houses for sale in Rome, Italy, as well as stores and office spaces in the city and surroundings. The growth estimate is very promising: the forecast for the prices of houses for sale in Rome, Italy in five years from now shows a 15.4% increase, which would make Rome second only to Paris, with a record figure of +19.3%. 

In a nutshell: 2022 may very well prove to be the very best time to invest in real estate in Rome, Italy.

Residential property deals in 2022-2023

One of the main aims of the Scenari Immobiliari Fabrica Immobiliare Sgr study is to show prospective Italian and foreign investors the enormous potential of the Eternal city, and highlight the opportunities that property for sale in Rome, Italy, can offer.

To do so, the said research deftly sketched an area-by-area portrait, analyzing data pertaining to the different neighborhoods, and revealed a first significant conclusion: there is a wide divide in quality between the city center and the suburbs. This said, the report suggests, the most advantageous investments will probably be those involving houses in Rome, Italy that rise within prestigious and/or historic buildings in the city center, and or those in less illustrious residential urban areas that are well-connected to the center, such as Garbatella.

Where to buy property in Rome, Italy

More interesting data comes from the survey carried out by Dove, a leading Italian real estate portal. The study etches a clear engraving of the houses for sale in Rome, Italy, revealing which neighborhoods will show increasing prices per square meter in 2022. These are: Infernetto in the Ostia area, with +6.8%;  Maglianella, +3,5%; Castelverde +2%; Prati +4,7%; Parioli +3,1% and Balduina +2%.

Property for sale in Rome, Italy – suburbs vs. elite neighborhoods

The above data clearly showcases two important, if somewhat conflicting, factors. The first is a very probably pandemic-induced desire to relocate in greener surroundings and more comfortable-sized homes. A longing that, it appears, will lure buyers to the suburbs (Ostia and Maglianella, respectively at 25 and 14.7 km from Rome city center). The second, that when it comes to houses in Rome, Italy, the traditionally lustrous residential areas, like Prati and Parioli, are still very much sought-after.

real estate Rome Italy
CIty of Rome Scenic Sunset. Trajan Market, Forum and the Column.

What kind of property to buy in Rome and where?

First and foremost: choosing to buy property in Rome, Italy, implies deciding the “what” before the “where”. Indeed, the real estate market of the Eternal city mirrors its singular diversity. In a phrase: the different neighborhoods host different kinds of homes, so having good insight, for instance that provided by the ClassCountryHomes portal, is crucial. 

Houses for sale in Rome, Italy – the most interesting neighborhoods

The latest data published shows that those looking to buy a high-profile apartment or a home in a historic building, should focus on the main city center, on the Flaminio-Ponte Milvio-Belle Arti area or on the Prati-Francia neighborhoods. Houses for sale in San Giovanni-Roma Est, on the other hand, include both elegant houses and more affordable family flats. The data shows that there are excellent investment opportunities in the Villa Ada-Monte Sacro area, a beautiful residential area where prices are currently decreasing. Finally, the Monteverde and Aurelio neighborhoods, renowned abroad because of the John Cabot University campus, provide a good selection of well-maintained, perfectly outfitted smaller flats and one or two-room apartments.

RomeDistrictCost per sqmTrend compared to March 2021
RomaCity Center7.352 €/m²– 0,87%
Aventino, San Saba, Caracalla6.876 €/m²+ 11,71%
Parioli, Flaminio5.572 €/m²+ 2,99%
Testaccio, Trastevere5.414 €/m²+ 0,63%
Prati, Borgo Mazzini5.082 €/m²+ 2,69%
Balduina, Medaglie d’Oro4.117 €/m²+ 2,64%
Corso Francia, Ponte Milvio4.319 €/m²+ 1,43%
Salario, Trieste4.735 €/m²+ 0,30%
Bologna, Policlinico4.301 €/m²– 2,38%
Termini4.003 €/m²-1,31%
Monte Sacro, Talenti3.353 €/m²+ 2,95%
Garbatella3.635 €/m²+ 0,89%
Castelverde1.687 €/m²+ 0,84%
Maglianella2.363 €/m²+ 2,21%
Infernetto2.386 €/m²+ 4,60%
Re di Roma, San Giovanni3.946 €/m²– 1,18%
Monteverde, Gianicolense, Colli Portuensi3.896 €/m²+ 1,80%
Data taken from

Real estate auctions in Lazio and Rome: tips and trends

Many far-sighted investors interested in Italian real estate choose to take advantage of judicial auctions. These, in fact, often provide very good opportunities, and cost-effective deals, for houses in Rome, in Lazio, and elsewhere in Italy.  A recent research and trend forecast published by the influential real estate portal Idealista, provides an insightful view of the current and forthcoming auction scenario.

The real estate auction scenario in 2021

The data reported by Idealista is based on studies conducted by Reviva, a company specialized in livening up auctions. What it shows is a relative increase in the number of auctions carried out, +58% compared to 2020, a figure that is, however, still significantly lower than that of the pre-pandemic era ( -27% compared to 2019). The study also reveals that the majority of properties put up for auction last year were non-residential ones, such as offices, hotels, and commercial premises.

Houses for sale in Rome, Italy: real estate auction forecast for 2022 and 2023

What about the future? Trends are looking up, according to Giulio Licenza, co-founder of Reviva. “In 2022”, he comments, “we expect to see a rebound, with figures close to those we had in 2019. And, starting from 2023, we foresee a further increase in the number of enforcement procedures and new auctions,”

Aerial view of the city of Rome, Italy. Monte Sacro district.

Properties for sale in Rome Italy: what’s up for auction

As of today, those looking for a house for sale in Rome, Italy, can find a wide range of properties up for auction. The portal Real Estate Discount presents a variety of opportunities, including good deals in the city of Rome, such as flats in the Portuense and Castro Pretorio residential areas, and larger apartments in the vicinity of Labaro and Prima Porta city of Rome. There are other kinds of dwellings up for auction in smaller towns of the Lazio region: interesting examples include villini, i.e. single-family homes, in the towns of Ardea, Pomezia, Ponzano Romano, and attractive options along the coast, especially in Civitavecchia, Nettuno and Fiumicino

How much can you make renting out your house in Rome? 

Apart from the pandemic-induced setback, the demand for houses for rent in Rome, Italy, has always been extremely high. A “traditional” trend that has recovered remarkably, as clearly illustrated by journalist Laura Cavestri on Il Sole 24 Ore, who reveals that houses for rent in Rome, Italy are practically sold out. The article considers data provided by for both short-term and long-term apartment rentals in Rome Italy, showing a 30% increase in demand between September 2021 and February 2022, and a 23%+ decrease in supply. The bottom line is that countless houses for rent in Rome, Italy, have been successfully rented in this period. As concerns rental fees, these remain steady: the average price, per month, for a three-room house for rent in Rome, Italy, is €1.068.

We summarize the costs per square meter in Lazio, Italy in the table below.

ProvinceCityCost per sqmTrend compared to March 2021
RomaRoma3.293 €/m²+ 0,67%
Fiumicino2.413 €/m²+ 1,81 %
Frascati2.712 €/m²– 0,88 %
Monterotondo1.890 €/m²– 0,11 %
Civitavecchia1.719 €/m²+ 2,75 %
Ciampino2.346 €/m²+ 1,38 %
Castel Gandolfo2.108 €/m²– 6,52 %
LatinaLatina1.787 €/m²+ 3,83 %
Sperlonga Maggiore4.966 €/m²+ 2,82 %
Gaeta3.163 €/m²+ 6,43 %
San Felice Circeo3.060 €/m²– 1,32 %
Aprilia1.407 €/m²– 1,95 %
Terracina2.371 €/m²+ 1,54 %
FrosinoneFrosinone1.161 €/m²– 3,09 %
Pagliano980 €/m²+ 7,10 %
Ceccano870 €/m²– 0,34 %
Fiuggi833 €/m²– 4,91 %
ViterboViterbo1.247 €/m²– 1,66 %
Tarquinia1.658 €/m²+ 1,16 %
Capodimonte1.296 €/m²– 19,60 %
Bolsena1.505 €/m²+ 6,81 %
Sutri1.122 €/m²– 5,48 %
RietiRieti1.146 €/m²+ 1,60 %
Castel Sant’Angelo 916 €/m²– 2,14 %
Fara in Sabina Maggiore1.237 €/m²+ 6,27 %
Montopoli dei Sabina922 €/m²+ 6,84 % 
Data taken from

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