Piedmont: one of the most European Italian region

A Grand and graceful snow-capped region

Majestic castles and luxuriant vineyards are, probably, the first things that come to mind when thinking about Piemonte, Piedmont in English. The second-largest region in Italy is a land of innate elegance and regal cities, charming towns, lakes and bountiful valleys and hillsides that yield precious products. In Piedmont, real estate opportunities are plentiful, diverse, and extremely attractive.

Piemonte houses
La Morra town in Piedmont, Langhe hills in Italy in a sunny day

Where is Piemonte located in Italy?

Piemonte rises in north-western Italy, covers 25.387 square meters of land. and is framed by mountains, specifically the Ligurian Apennines and the Maritime, Cottian, Graian, and Pennine Alps. The region comprises the fertile Po River valley, and the Monferrato and Langhe hills, world-renowned for their exceptional wines. 

Piemonte’s provinces, the capital and the lakes

The region includes 8 provinces, specifically Turin, Cuneo, Asti, Alessandria, Novara, Biella, Vercelli and Verbano-Cusio-Ossola. Turin, a beautiful, sophisticated city with many attractions, is the region’s capital. Piemonte also boasts a plethora of lovely lakes, among which Lake Maggiore, Italy’s second-largest lake, and charming Lake Orta.

Types of Piemonte houses: rural charm, vintage allure, and contemporary solutions

What does a typical Piemonte house actually look like? Well, this largely depends on where it is located and when it was built. In fact, the houses for sale in Piemonte, Italy, today include all kinds of dwellings. One can find stylish state-of-the-art penthouses and flats, mostly in the larger towns and main cities, and pretty independent two-story villette in the small towns. Alongside traditional Italian and cosmopolitan-style houses for sale, Piemonte also offers gorgeous Art Nouveau villas, quaint chalets and “baite” – typical mountainside stone and wood dwellings – and picturesque period rural buildings.

Farmhouses and vineyards for sale in Piedmont Italy

Piemonte’s most typical and evocative rural buildings are the “cascina a corte”, also called  “cascina” or “cascinale”, and the “aia piemontese”. The “cascina a corte”, namely courtyard farmstead, is a rural facility that comprises several buildings, of varying sizes, arranged around a central courtyard and surrounded by farmland. The “aia piemontese”, a perfect example of Piedmont’s vernacular architecture, is a local version of the “cascina”. Smaller than the latter, it is built around a narrow rectangular farmyard. 

Piedmont Italy: real estate for vintners

Are the rolling hills of the Langhe and Monferrato a wine lover’s dream? Apparently yes, according to Chris Mercer of Decanter, who interviewed Piedmont real estate agents in an effort to find the finest vineyards for sale in Piemonte, Italy, and came up with a simply dizzying selection.

buy a house in turin italy
Turin panoramic view. Piedmont, Italy.

Vineyards for sale in Piedmont, Italy are more popular by the day

Research conducted by the leading Italian real estate portal Immobiliare.it confirms that the demand for Langhe country houses in Piemonte has been soaring ever since the first months of 2021. This increase is raising prices, the Immobiliare.it experts say and the specialized wine journal Inside Wine reconfirms detailing prices for vineyards throughout Italy.

How much does a vineyard for sale in Piedmont, Italy cost

The data published is enlightening for all those that dream of finding a vineyard for sale in Piedmont, Italy. The most expensive vines are, needless to say, the most famous and precious: in the Barolo DOC area, prices for a vineyard range from a minimum of €200.000 up to 2.5 million, per hectare. Elsewhere in Piemonte, however, one can find great opportunities: the DOC Moscato vineyards in the Asti province, specifically in the area of Canelli which also boasts thick woods where marvelous truffles grow, are more cost-effective. 

Piemonte houses on the lakefront

While vintners comb the vine-clad hills and hazelnut groves of le Langhe for a country house, others turn to Piemonte houses for sale on the lakefront. Especially Lake Maggiore, states the New York Times, listing the lovely tree-framed blue Italian lake among the four trendiest lakefront real estate destinations worldwide. As Patrizia Canale from Barnes International Realty puts it:  “Lake Maggiore is easier to access and less expensive than Lake Como” she said, “but equally elegant. It also offers manifold attractions”. 

piedmont real estate: lake orta, san giulio island
View of the Island of San Giulio (Lake Orta), from the road that leads to the historic center of the town.

Piedmont Italy real estate for sale: listings for period villas on the lakefront

But how much does a villa on Lake Maggiore actually cost? Again, all depends on its characteristics, i.e. size/style/location. The Italian real estate portal Idealista.it offers a selection of villas that is nothing short of spectacular, especially in the vicinity of Stresa, one of the lake’s most charming towns. Prices for an Art Nouveau villa with a private park can be as high as €5.250,000 and over, but there are fascinating lake view options for €718.000 and less too.

Should you buy a house in Turin, Italy in 2022?

Though Piemonte houses on the lakefront are increasingly popular, most prospective buyers contact Piedmont real estate agents because they want to buy a house in Turin Italy. Brimming with art and museums, Turin is a splendid city enriched by unrivaled elegance and thriving with contemporary vibes. Plus, the mountains are just a scenic drive away, hence families can spend the weekend hiking or skiing.

Piedmont real estate market: the Turin scenario 

All these reasons, a welcoming ambiance, and the city’s popularity with tourists make buying a house in Turin, Italy attractive.  But what are the Piedmont real estate market trends looking like right now? As reported by the Idealista real estate portal, the preliminary estimates provided by ISTAT, the Italian National Institute of Statistics, on the housing price index (Ipab) trends show significantly promising increases, with the Italian average rising by 2,5%, and Turin hitting a great score at +3.1%.

Prices in Piemonte: houses in Turin

How much does buying a house in Turin, Italy cost? The most recent data published by the leading Italian real estate portal Immobiliare.it offers illuminating information on housing in Piemonte’s largest city. As of February 2022, the average price per square meter for residential properties in Turin stood at €1,871, 0.16%+ compared to February 2021. Over the last 2 years, the highest price on average, €1.893, was hit in October 2021, while the lowest was recorded in April 2020: €1.808. The bottom line? Prices are on the rise but haven’t peaked yet, so now may very well be the best time to buy a house in Turin, Italy.

Below is a summary table of real estate market prices per square meter in Piemonte. For each city, we have indicated the price variation from March 2021. The price of each property is justified based on its specificity, whether it is a lakefront or tourist city.

ProvinceCityCost per sqm in March 2022Trend compared to March 2021
TorinoTorino1.873 €/m²– 0,95 %
Ivrea981 €/m²– 0,51 %
Santena1.275 €/m²– 0,47 %
Giaveno1.064 €/m²– 0,37 %
CuneoCuneo1.806 €/m²+ 0,56 %
Bra1.417 €/m²+ 4,34 %
Alba2.090 €/m²+ 3,98 %
Mondovì1.048 €/m²– 7,17 %
Boves1.078 €/m²+ 2,18 %
VerbaniaVerbania2.193 €/m²+ 2,33 %
Stresa2.932 €/m²+ 7,36 %
Cannobio Maggiore2.709 €/m²– 0,26 %
Santa Maria Maggiore1.876 €/m²+ 4,69 %
Re1.293 €/m²+ 2,70 %
BiellaBiella706 €/m²– 4,08 %
Cossato649 €/m²+ 3,67 %
VercelliVercelli908 €/m²– 5,91 %
Caresanablot1.256 €/m²– 8,79 %
Alagna Valsesia2.733 €/m²– 3,84 %
Rassa Maggiore1.936 €/m²– 7,55 %
NovaraNovara1.316 €/m²+ 3,38 %
Lesa Maggiore2.352 €/m²+ 24,28 %
Pettanesco1.642 €/m²– 27,98 %
AstiAsti1.134 €/m²– 2,66 %
Villanova d’Asti1.094 €/m²– 7,13 %
Nizza Monferrato954 €/m²– 3,44 %
AlessandriaAlessandria893 €/m²+ 0,79 %
Tortona999 €/m²– 0,60 %
Casale Monferrato845 €/m²– 3,54 %
Data taken from Immobiliare.it

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