Puglia, Italy: Mediterranean vistas and evocative houses for sale

Why this region is one of the most popular destinations in Europe

Turquoise blue seas and unending stretches of mammoth, centuries-old olive trees. And then there’s the Baroque, or rather the lavish golden-hued local interpretation of the genre, the relaxed lifestyle, and the typical fare, not to mention the fascinating masserie, ancient farmhouses which produce Apulian single estate olive oil, evocative whitewashed villages, and lovely houses for sale. Yes. Puglia, Italy has what it takes to provide memorable lifetime memories.

Vieste, beautiful coastal town on the rocks in Puglia.

Puglia – stone houses and untarnished allure attract VIPs and tourists alike

What is surprising, however, is that this lovely region has managed to remain unblemished by mass tourism. Notwithstanding the mesmerizing art and architecture, glorious natural environment, and fascinating trulli houses for rent of Puglia, Italy that lures thousands of Italians and foreigners, its villages and towns are still inspiring, genuine, and untarnished. 

Hollywood’s celebrities in love with the Mediterranean style of luxury real estate in Puglia

Today, this well-preserved authenticity, and the ever-charming Mediterranean style, is certainly paying off in terms of attractiveness and popularity both among Italian and European families and among the rich and famous. A recent article published by Immobiliare.it, one of the leading Italian Real Estate portals, reveals that countless celebrities, bewitched by the region’s white limestone-clad homes while filming in the region, have returned to find a Puglia house to call their own.

Houses for sale in Puglia Italy: where the stars choose to dwell

Immobiliare.it’s journalist Nicola Teofito conceals nothing: Meryl Streep is often seen on the balcony of her white house in Puglia, Italy, and Dame Hellen Mirren spends weeks at a time in the ancient farmhouse she owns near Santa Maria di Leuca with her husband. Even Ronn Moss, the article reveals, has fallen for the timeless seductiveness of luxury real estate in Puglia.  

Tourism in Puglia: the scenario in 2021

The seaside, art, architecture, and thriving traditions make Puglia a traveler’s dream come true. No wonder, National Geographic, Lonely Planet, and the New York Times declared it to be “one of the most beautiful places in the world”. But what happened to the tourist flows after the pandemic? A recent study published by the Italian Institute of Statistics reveals that over the first 9 months of 2021, Italian hospitality facilities registered higher occupancy rates (+22,3%) compared to the same period in 2020, outrunning their European rivals. And, the research highlights, domestic tourist flows definitely increased in 5 Italian regions, with Puglia ranking 4th.

Travel forecast 2022: why Puglia could be on the rise

Things are looking up, as regards tourism in Italy, and the OECD reports that 2022 will see a significant recovery compared to 2021. More interesting data comes from the research conducted by Quality Travel, which reveals today’s most popular travel trends: “glamping”, i.e. a combination of camping and glamorous premises, outdoor activities such as hiking, and gastronomic tourism. Three ways of interpreting vacations that can but be favored by Puglia’s pristine environment, manifold natural wonders, and incredible culinary legacy. 

Alberobello, Bari province, Puglia, Italy: exterior of the famous trulli. Unesco World Heritage Site.

Buy real estate in Puglia, Southern Italy, and reap the benefits of tourism

Should an entrepreneur invest in a typical building in Puglia? Definitely, according to the portal Idealista, which recently published an article that shows how traditional dwellings like chalets in the mountains, dammusi on Pantelleria, and trulli houses for rent in Puglia Italy proved to be among the most popular destinations for short term rentals in Italy in 2021. Investing in a traditional Puglia stone house, or in one of the fairy-tale-like conical trulli buildings is possibly the smartest option because countless travelers, ranging from families to solo globetrotters seek trulli houses for rent in Puglia Italy and stone houses located in the countryside.

Puglia Italy real estate: all you have to know before you buy

All in all, what the tourism industry experts seem to suggest is that this Southern Italian region’s distinctive genuineness, clean beaches and evocative valleys are bound to make it ever more inviting. The same is true, in Puglia, Italy, for real estate. Choosing Puglia Italy for a real estate investment is a wise decision both for those looking to relocate and for investors aiming for a winsome venture. Needless to say, knowing the facts about the current market trends is key. So let’s take a look at the scenario of real estate in Puglia, Southern Italy, in detail.

Puglia Italy real estate trends from 2020 to 2022

The leading Italian real estate portal Immobiliare.it reports that as of February 2022 the average price of houses for sale in Puglia Italy increased by 0.23% compared to February 2021. Specifically, this past February the price per square meter for Puglia real estate stood at an average of €1,289 per square meter, while it was €1,286 per square meter in February 2021. The research also displays data referring to the past 2 years, showing how the average price for residential units in Puglia reached its peak in June 2020, when it hit €1,303 per square meter. The lowest price registered in 2020 and 2021 was €1.279 per square meter, in August 2020.

Puglia houses for sale: prices in the different provinces

As everywhere else in the world, the cost of houses for sale, and even estates, in Puglia Italy largely depends on where these are located. The above described Immobiliare.it survey clearly illustrates what areas of the region offer the best bargains: in February 2022, the highest prices per square meter were for dwellings in the province of Bari (€1,548 per square meter), the lowest in the city and surroundings of Taranto (average of €1,017 per square meter). 

Puglia, Italy: the best real estate opportunities

Purchasing property is a momentous decision, and picking the right location is crucial. As of the first months of 2022, Puglia offers real estate openings in several areas. Candela, Puglia, Italy’s real estate options were widely broadcasted in 2018 when this pretty town’s municipality offered to pay those who relocated. Sensational bids aside, there is an intriguing selection of homes for sale in this picturesque medieval town published on the Idealista portal, and other interesting breaks on properties in renowned seafront resorts, houses for sale in Lecce, Italy, and Bari.

Houses for sale in Lecce, Italy: now is the time to buy

Many a far-sighted investor may be glad to hear what the Immobiliare.it portal reveals: as of February 2022, houses for sale in exquisite Lecce went for an average price per square meter of €1.106, meaning they decreased by 1.34% compared to February 2021. Lecce is a marvelous medium-sized city where Baroque splendor blends with contemporary culture, houses an esteemed university, and is at a brief scenic drive from some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. 

Puglia Italy real estate listings: Lecce

Current prices for houses for sale in Lecce Italy, in the heart of the city center, stand at an average of €1.333 per square meter, states the Immobiliare.it research. Also, according to the Idealista portal, there is an enormous variety of different dwellings available. Options range from lovely penthouses to flats, to independent homes and villas. 2022 may very well be the best time ever to invest in a house for sale in Lecce Italy.

Monopoli’s port. Puglia, Italy

Homes in Bari, the capital of Puglia

As regards Bari, the real estate portal LuxForSale reveals data produced by an Omi (Observatory of the real estate market) research. The results, pertaining to the Bari real estate market trends from November 2020 to January 2022, are very interesting inasmuch as they reveal steady average prices, and excellent opportunities in the Libertà, Murat, Carrassi, San Pasquale, Carbonara, Poggiofranco, Città Vecchia and Japigia neighborhoods.

Bari DistrictsCost per sqmTrend compared to March 2021
Borgo Antico, Murat, Madonnella2.241 €/m²+ 0,90% 
Marconi, San Cataldo Libertà1.499 €/m²+ 2,04%
Poggiofranco, Santa Caterina2.247 €/m²+ 5,05% 
Japigia, San Giorgio, Torre a Mare 2.118 €/m²+ 4,70%
Picone, Carrassi, San Pasquale, Mungivacca1.883 €/m²– 0,42%
Palese, Santo Spirito1.775 €/m²+ 1,31% 
Fesca, San Girolamo1.946 €/m²+ 4,01%
San Paolo, Stanic1.594 €/m²– 0,62%
Carbonara di Bari, Ceglie del Campo, Loseto1.508 €/m²– 0,20 %

Puglia real estate: Monopoli

Rising on the Adriatic Sea some 30 km from Bari, Monopoli boasts an evocative city center, fascinating seafront promenade, gleaming blue waves, and roaring tourism business. Research conducted by the Italian online newspaper Borderline 24, reveals that Puglia real estate in Monopoli is very sought after. In fact, in 2021 this charming town ranked 8th in Italy among the most desirable destinations to rent a house (up four points compared to 2020) and 7th among the most coveted places to buy.

Puglia Italy real estate listings: Monopoli

As the data reported by Immobiliare.it shows prices for residential units in this seafront town reflect its fame. In February 2022, Puglia real estate in Monopoli sold at an average of €1,931 per square meter was requested, showing a remarkable increase (4.21%) compared to February last year, when it stood at €1,853 per square meter. As concerns the types of houses available, the Idealista portal provides a wide range of flats, apartments and penthouses in town, and even spacious villas and period farmhouses.

You will find a summary with the main areas of Puglia and the prices per square meter compared with the March 2021 prices.

ProvinceCityCost per sqmTrend compared to March 2021
FoggiaFoggia1.122 €/m²– 3,77 %
Manfredonia1.465 €/m²+ 0,41 % 
Vieste1.730 €/m²+ 4,15 %
Monte Sant’Angelo1.059 €/m²– 1,21 %
San Nicandro Grignanico484 €/m²+ 13,35 %
Barletta-Andria-TraniBarletta1.303 €/m²+ 0,70%
Andria1.225 €/m²+ 10,96%
Trani1.524 €/m²– 3,24%
BariBari1.871 €/m²+ 1,35 %
Polignano a mare2.381 €/m²+ 9,07%
Monopoli1.953 €/m²+ 5,51%
Altamura1.422 €/m²+ 3,19%
Modugno1.554 €/m²+ 0,45 %
TarantoTaranto961 €/m²– 0,72%
Ginosa1.258 €/m²+ 10,06 %
Martina Franca1.253 €/m²+ 3,64 %
Leporano1.240 €/m²– 0,96 %
Massafra897 €/m²– 11,54 %
LecceLecce1.323 €/m²+ 4,17%
Porto Cesareo1.618 €/m²+ 13,78 %
Nardò1.094 €/m²– 5,28 %
Gallipoli1.816 €/m²+ 7,65%
Otranto1.936 €/m²– 1,97 %
Vernole635 €/m²+ 4,96%
Data taken from Immobiliare.it

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