Buying real estate in Sardinia

What makes Sardinia one of the most visited destinations in the Mediterranean Sea?

Why do people flock to Sardinia, and its best beaches, from all over the world? To lounge on the white sandy dunes and discover hidden coves lapped by ripples of clear turquoise blue water. To swim across starfish-studded grottoes by day, and indulge in Sardinian fish, seafood and dishes doused in olive oil from Sardinia, by night.

sardinia real estate
The “nuraghi” are stone constructions of truncated cone shape present throughout Sardinia and dating back to the second millennium BC.

Activities, colors, and wines from Sardinia

Blessed by an amazing natural environment that ranges from beaches to mountains, Sardinia lures with its glossy hotels, mysterious prehistoric dwellings, and undiscovered wilderness as much as with its famed seafront beauty. Some travel to this dazzling island to savor the marvelous wines from Sardinia while watching glamorous yachts and sailboats pull into quaint harbors. Others to explore the inland, ride horseback, sample Sardinian cheese, and even admire the beautiful women of Sardinia. 

Sardinia real estate: deluxe dazzle and an authentic soul

Seeing all the attractions this island offers, it comes as no surprise that so many Italian and international celebrities choose to spend their vacations in resorts in Sardinia and on its best beaches. Numerous VIPs have built their seafront havens here, and though the COVID pandemic brought mass tourism to a definite halt, the Italian Institute of Statistics (ISTAT) recently published promising data.

Travel flows in Europe and Italy: what happened in 2021

In 2020, all European countries were hit hard by the pandemic-induced drop in tourism flows, and, albeit less disastrous, 2021 didn’t show any substantial improvement. In fact, Eurostat research reveals that, during the first 8 months of 2021, the number of nights spent in tourist facilities in the European Union was equal to approximately 1,1 billion, i.e. 50% less than in 2019.

Sardinia’s best beaches are keeping their heads up: promising tourist flow trends in 2021

As regards Italy, the ISTAT study shows that the overall tourist flow trend in 2021 was not as negative as that of other European countries. More specifically, the data indicates a significant recovery of tourist flows to the major Italian islands in the first nine months of 2021 (+45.1% compared to the same period in 2020), and, most of all, a very positive trend for Sardinia: up 62.8% compared to the previous year.

A modern Italian region with up-to-date European style facilities

Truth be told, it is no wonder that Sardinia attracts more travelers than other Italian regions, seeing as it offers state-of-the-art tourist-focused facilities and a vast range of holiday options. First and foremost, the airports in Sardinia, allow visitors to travel easily, quickly and safely both from their home countries and internally. There are three airports in Sardinia, one in Olbia, one in Cagliari, and one in Alghero. Also, the whole island is family-friendly. Sardinia provides hotels, resorts, villas, and beaches perfect for families with children of all ages.

Castelsardo village

Family-friendly Sardinia

There are countless family-oriented destinations on this enchanting island, and attractions and activities ideal for all, from toddlers to teens. San Teodoro, Alghero, Porto Rotondo and Villasimius are among the most heavenly family-friendly places in Sardinia.

Sardinia real estate: all you need to know

All the above leads to a straightforward conclusion: if you’re looking for a win-win investment, go for Sardinia, and real estate. Yes, because purchasing Sardinian real estate means having an asset that can easily be rented, or resold. As always, understanding the scenario is vital, so let’s take a look at the current Sardinian real estate market trends. The leading Italian real estate portal reports that as of February 2022 the average price of residential property for sale in Sardinia increased by 3.25% compared to February 2021. 

Sardinian real estate market trends over the last few years: peak price reached in 2020

Specifically, this past February the price per square meter for Sardinian real estate stood at an average of €2,194 per square meter, while it was €2,125 per square meter in February 2021. Also, the report shows data referring to the past 2 years, revealing that the average price for residential units in Sardinia reached its peak in September 2020, when it hit €2,226 per square meter. The lowest price registered in 2020 and 2021 was €2,105 per square meter, in March 2021.


Sardinia, Italy: real estate prices in the different provinces

Needless to say, the prices of real estate for sale in Sardinia vary depending on where the properties are located. Having a clear idea of what current market trends are in the different provinces and cities is crucial to making a good investment. The same study reveals that, as of February 2022, the highest price per square meter for island properties was that demanded for houses for sale in Sassari, Sardinia, and its surroundings, The lowest prices reported were those for residential units in the province of Oristano: the average price requested was €1.100 per square meter.

2022-2023 is the time to buy real estate in Sardinia!

Market trends of Sardinian real estate were also analyzed by the renowned Italian portal Idealista. The data studied showed different results compared to those published by, and a contrasting, but distinctively promising, trend for investors who aim to purchase property in Sardinia. According to this research, the average price per square meter for residential real estate on the island in February 2022 (€1.468) showed a 0.1% increase compared to January and a 2.0% decrease compared to February 2021. It seems to be precisely the right time to focus on Sardinia, Italy, for real estate investments!

A map of Sardinia: the areas where real estate is a solid investment

Location is key, and Sardinia makes no exception: some areas provide more valuable options simply because they will always be popular. As island dwellings go, seafront allure and facilities are probably the most coveted feature. Investors who prefer the stylish attractiveness of the northeastern part of the island may choose one of the many houses for sale in Olbia, Sardinia, find property for sale in Porto Rotondo, and lovely houses in Porto Cervo and rest assured they will never “go out of style”. On the north-western coast, one might decide to buy real estate in Alghero, Sardinia, focus on property for sale in Bosa, the town renowned for its charming multicolored dwellings, or select one of the splendid houses for sale in Sassari, Sardinia.

Investing in rural Sardinia

Yet the wild, pristine countryside and mountains of Sardinia also provide fabulous options enhanced by an authentic lifestyle. In the south, for instance, the tiny town of Seulo, Sardinia, offers real estate opportunities that are nothing short of enchanting, and there are beautiful properties for sale in Nuoro, Sardinia, too. And, some far-sighted investors looking for genuine local charm in the north-west, are fascinated by ancient Nulvi, Sardinia, and the properties for sale there. 

sardinia property for sale
Beautiful hill top village in Sardinia with Castello della Fava on the top. Location: Posada, Province of Nuoro, Sardinia, Italy.

Different types of property investments in Sardinia

Needless to say, where you buy and what you buy largely depends on what kind of investment you’re aiming at. If you’re looking for Sardinian property for sale to relocate, you might wish to explore the inland options, while a strategic business venture investment should probably consider a waterfront property for sale in Sardinia. This said, there are great properties for sale in Sardinia, both along the coast and in the rural areas. But what are Sardinian properties for sale like?

Sardinia, houses for sale: what kind of dwellings can one find on this beautiful Mediterranean island? 

There are countless lovely houses for sale in Sardinia, Italy, and, luckily for all, the variety is extraordinary.

In Sardinia, houses for sale today comprise all types of residential units from modern apartments and magnificently outfitted seafront villas, to the traditional stone rural dwellings called stazzi” typical of the Gallura region. You can also findpinnette”, the round buildings with a thatched roof where farmers once used to make Sardinian cheese, among the many Sardinian houses for sale.  Along the coast, homes tend to be more contemporary in style, and include state-of-the-art penthouses or glamorous extensive mansions. Houses for sale in the Sardinian countryside and small towns, instead, often include simpler but comfortable solutions such as two-floor villette. Family apartments, located in residential neighborhoods, offer interesting investments opportunities too, among the houses for sale in the cities of Sardinia, Italy.

Investing in the tourism industry

Sardinia’s vocation for hospitality, and the steady tourist flows it welcomes, make it an ideal region to invest in the tourism industry. As of today, there are several hotels for sale in Sardinia, and many extensive private properties that can be purchased and turned into thriving hospitality facilities, such as a Sardinian agriturismo, for instance. One of the island’s leading property sale portals, Immobiliare Sarda, showcases an interesting selection of hotels for sale in Sardinia, including a 5-star property and one located on La Maddalena island. 

Sardinia: where luxury and nature blend into a never-ending vacation

Pristine beaches, rolling plains scented by myrtle and juniper, and spectacular luxury real estate. Sardinia stands apart from all other Italian regions because it fuses a wondrous, unspoiled, natural environment, and deep-rooted intriguing local tradition with opulence and extravagance. Luxury real estate in Sardinia is exemplified by the many, dazzling, resorts that rise in uncommonly pristine surroundings. Such as the Monte Turri luxury retreat, a sumptuous hotel and Spa, located in the heart of a natural reserve. Or like the spectacular luxury hotels in Alghero, Sardinia, where families, couples and parties of friends spend unforgettable vacations.

Sports in Sardinia: a rainbow of thrilling activities

Hike it or bike it, ride the waves or explore the haunting underwater shipwrecks. Welcome to Sardinia, adventure island! Whether you’re into boating, diving or surfing, Sardinia is a bottomless haven of fun and excitement. Those who love snorkeling, praise Sardinia, Italy for its clear aquamarine seawater, starfish, and shells. Sailing in Sardinia is a dream come true: from the beaches of Costa Smeralda to Tavolara island and the Maddalena archipelago there’s no end to where you can go, and what you can see. Hiking and climbing, in Sardinia, become cultural experiences if you explore the eerie nuraghes near Tiscali, or dare the path above Cala Luna. Looking for the best surfing in Sardinia? The north coast is where you want to be!

sardinia best beaches
Stunning morning view of Famous La Pelosa beach with Torre della Pelosa. Location: Stintino, Province of Sassari, Italy.

A map of the most exclusive Sardinia beaches 

The Caribbean doesn’t stand a chance against this incredible island. Yes, because Sardinia’s beaches are pink, due to microscopic powdered bits of red coral, or gleaming white, and caressed by blue-green waves so transparent that you can hardly believe your eyes. Plus, Sardinia’s beaches are fringed by soft gentle dunes and embraced by ever-changing verdant vegetation. What beaches to visit in Sardinia? Let’s take a good look at the map and single out the best!

Best beaches in Sardinia

When staying in Alghero, Sardinia, holidays should be spent discovering the northern beaches, and small coves that spread between Fertilia and Porto Conte. Families vacationing in Palau, Sardinia, should definitely try the Spiaggia di Talmone, the beach at Porto Pollo and La Sciumara beach. And all those visiting Cala di Volpe, Sardinia, are spoiled for choice: the area’s beaches, such as Spiaggia del Principe Sardinia, are among the most spectacular in the world. Other can’t-miss beaches are: 

Berchida beach Sardinia, la Pelosa beach Sardinia, the beach in Bosa Sardinia, Chia beach Sardinia, Cala Coticcio beach in Sardinia, the beaches of the island of Cavallo Sardinia, Capo Mannu Sardinia, the beaches of La Maddalena island, north of Sardinia and Moon Valley, Sardinia.

Below is a summary table of real estate market prices per square meter in Sardinian different areas.

ProvinceCityCost per sqmTrend compared to February 2021
SassariSassari1.236 €/m²– 2,60%
Alghero2.231 €/m²+ 4,94% %
La Maddalena2.620 €/m²+ 3,80 %
Olbia2.917 €/m²+ 4,59 %
San Teodoro3.114 €/m²+ 5,27 %
Nulvi1.076 €/m²– 5,20 %
OristanoOristano1.340 €/m² – 4,22 %
Bosa1.259 €/m²– 1,64%
Cuglieri859 €/m²+ 16,08 %
San Vero Millis 869 €/m²– 10,60 %
Mazzarrone511 €/m²– 12,50 %
Raddusa509 €/m²– 11,94 %
NuoroNuoro1.408 €/m²+ 3,91 %
Orosei1.738 €/m²+ 9,86 %
Oliena1.024 €/m²+ 4,28%
Baunei2.392 €/m²+ 47,47 %
South SardiniaTeulada1.187 €/m²+ 14,58 %
Domus De Maria2.604 €/m²– 8,08%
Sant’Antioco1.221 €/m²+ 6,64 %
Iglesias793 €/m²– 12,18 %
Seulo836 €/m²+ 3,98 %
CagliariCagliari2.236 €/m²+ 7,19 %
Pula2.634 €/m²+ 18,01 %
Sarroch1.387 €/m²+ 6,45 %
Quartu Sant’Elena1.708 €/m²+ 2,21 % 
Villasimius2.924 €/m²+ 11,35 %
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