Umbria, opportunities and properties for sale

Umbria, the green heart of Italy

Gentle rolling hills, hilltop villages, charming towns, and an authentic flavor that is nothing short of unique. Umbria, the only Italian region that does not share borders with a foreign state nor with the sea, is somewhat a separate realm. It is a land unscathed by global voracity, that has kept its traditions whole and alive throughout the centuries. In Umbria, real estate opportunities are not simply property: they are homes that offer the option to enjoy a timeless, restorative, way of life.

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Trevi picturesque village. Perugia county, Umbria, Italy.

Where is Umbria located in Italy?

Umbria rises in central Italy, approximately equidistant between Florence and Rome, borders Tuscany (north and west), Lazio (south), and Marche (east). Graced by regular gentle slopes and slightly higher mountains – amongst which the highest peak is Monte Vettore at 8,123 feet above sea level – the region also features lovely fertile flatlands in the Tiber river valley and Umbra valley.

Umbria’s provinces and major cities

The region comprises 2 provinces, Perugia and Terni. The former includes the region’s capital, Perugia, which is a beautiful city, widely patronized by foreign students. Umbria’s other major cities are Terni, Foligno, Città di Castello, Spoleto, Gubbio and Assisi, world-renowned for its spiritual heritage and spectacular frescoes.

Different kinds of houses for sale in Umbria, Italy

What makes Umbria’s real estate opportunities so special? First and foremost, their diversity. Umbria properties for sale, in fact, include charming apartments within the premises of picturesque period buildings in the towns and cities, alongside leading-edge contemporary studios and flats, mostly in Perugia, Terni, Spoleto and Bastia Umbra. Traditional Italian property for sale in Umbria also includes comfortable villette, in and around the smaller villages. But what do the majority of Italians and foreigners think about when one mentions real estate in Umbria Italy? Houses built in stone, surrounded by flower-filled meadows, with sweeping views. 

Rural enchantment: country houses in Umbria

The “casale”, i.e. farmhouse, is the quintessential archetype of Umbria’s allure. Built in local stone, these fascinating period buildings are immersed in the native verdant countryside and often have their own well. Types and sizes range from charming one or two-floor dwellings once owned by farmers and built in the 1800s, to extensive estates comprising several buildings that date as far back as the Middle Ages. Case in point: an extraordinary example of renovated real estate in Umbria, Italy, is that of San Salvatore in Montione, a 14th-century estate reconstructed and revamped by Pierre D’Avoine Architects.

Why celebrities choose real estate in Umbria Italy

Less broadcasted and publicized than neighboring Tuscany, but equally alluring, Umbria has been attracting VIPs and celebrities for years, states journalist Cathy Hawker in the Evening Standard. Its being somewhat off-the-beaten-track adds charm and cost-effectiveness for stars seeking tranquility and beauty combined: Ed Sheeran and Colin Firth both own country houses in Umbria, near Città della Pieve.

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Assisi, Saint Francis’s birthplace.

Houses for sale in Tuscany and Umbria

Hawker also interviewed Amy Redfern of Knight Frank, who said, we have some incredibly good opportunities in Umbria for buyers who want a country house in central Italy”. Hence, she added, those looking for houses for sale in Tuscany and Umbria may choose the latter to get better bargains.  

Umbria properties for sale: the current trend

Forecasts for 2022 are looking good, and Umbria is among the regions that investors are most interested in.” said Santino Taverna, president of Fimaa – the Italian Federation of Business Agents –  in an interview with the leading real estate portal And, Taverna remarked, demand from foreign buyers is rising. But what prospective investors really want to know is how houses for sale in Umbria, Italy, actually cost. So, let’s look at the current prices for residential properties.

Real estate in Umbria Italy – prices

The recent data published by provides an excellent overview of Umbria real estate prices. Looking at the charts, one can, in fact, get an insider’s view of the situation. In detail: in February 2022, in Umbria, Italy, houses for sale went for an average of €1.130 per square meter, decreasing of 0.53% compared to March 2021, when they stood at €1.136 per square meter. Looking at the price ranges over the last two years also provides enlightening information: in fact, prices for real estate in Umbria Italy peaked in May 2020, when they hit the period record amount of €1.144 per square meter.

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Orvieto, Umbria, Italy medieval skyline at dusk.

House for sale in Umbria Italy – insight on the different provinces

The above-quoted survey also shows that residential real estate in Umbria Italy was more expensive in the province of Perugia, at €1.157 per square meter, and less in that of Terni €1.047. But what appears all the more interesting is that smaller towns seem to attract more buyers.

Umbria real estate opportunities

Assisi, Bastia Umbra and the little towns overlooking Lake Trasimeno, especially Castiglione del Lago, were, as of February 2022 the most coveted, destinations in the Perugia province in Umbria. Specifically, the average cost per square meter for a house in Assisi was €1.360, in Bastia Umbra €1.218 and in Castiglione del Lago €1.219. Definitely cost-effective investments for homes located in such charming surroundings. 

Houses for sale in Umbria, Italy: the Terni province

Yet, the province of Terni proves to have its fans too. In an article published on March 12th by the renowned local paper Corriere dell’Umbria, journalist Davide Pompei reveals breaking news on the preferences of foreign investors as regards real estate in Umbria Italy. Basing his study on the data provided by Great Estate, the network of Italian agencies specializing in luxury real estate sales to international clients, proves that countless Northern European and American investors are bewitched by Orvieto.

The timeless allure of Umbria brings great investments

The slow lifestyle, mesmerizing beauty, and cultural richness of this exquisite hilltop town, have caught their attention, Pompei remarks, and the figures showcase Orvieto, and the whole Umbria region’s worth. In 2021 the Great Estate network alone was able to increase sales by over 125% compared to the previous year, selling 52 luxury properties in Umbria with a turnover of 85 million euros.

Below is a summary table of real estate market prices per square meter in Umbria. For each city, we have indicated the price variation from March 2021. The price of each property is justified based on its specificity, whether it is a lakefront or tourist city.

ProvinceSpecificsCityCost per sqmTrend compared to March 2021
PerugiaCityPerugia1.150 €/m²– 0,52 %
Touristic cityAssisi1.366 €/m²– 0,51 %
Lake townCittà di Castello1.231 €/m²– 0,08 %
Lake townCastiglione del Lago1.209 €/m²– 1,47 %
Lake townPassignano sul Trasimeno 1.340 €/m²+ 3,40 %
Lake townCittà della Pieve1.457 €/m²– 3,19 %
Lake townPaciano1.322 €/m²– 14,49 %
Lake townPanicale1.142 €/m²+ 8,87 %
Lake townTuoro sul Trasimeno 1.212 €/m²+ 7,64 %
Touristic CityGubbio1.085 €/m²– 4,82 %
CityFoligno1.106 €/m²– 0,98 %
Touristic CitySpoleto1.188 €/m²– 0,67 %
CityNorcia775 €/m²– 16,40 %
CityBastia Umbra1.222 €/m²-1,69 %
TerniCityTerni992 €/m²+ 0,61 %
Touristic CityOrvieto1.789 €/m²+ 1,42 %
VillagePorano1.410 €/m²+ 12,98 %
VillageFabro1.229 €/m²– 2,69 %
Lake townBaschi1.178 €/m²– 4,07 %
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