Buying a house in Veneto, a region with descendants worldwide

Hard-working, creative, proud, and incredibly brave. The people from Veneto have innumerable strong points, and courage is definitely one of these. In fact, between 1861 and 1961 almost 3 million people from Veneto, among which many families, emigrated to Brazil, Argentina and the United States. The strongest, smartest and luckiest made their way gloriously in these new countries: among them Italo Marchiony, who invented the ice-cream cone. Today, Veneto, Italy counts approximately five million inhabitants, but there are countless descendants of people from Veneto all over the world. 

Where is Veneto located in the Italian peninsula?

The Veneto region is located in northeastern Italy, borders with four Italian regions – Emilia-Romagna, Lombardia, Friuli-Venezia Giulia and Trentino-Alto Adige – and one foreign state, Austria, and is wet by the Adriatic Sea.

A Map of Veneto, Italy

With its 18,398.9 km2 (7,103.9 sq mi) of land, Veneto is the 8th largest region in Italy and comprises 7 province. The Veneto provinces are: Venice, Padova (Padua), Rovigo, Verona, Vicenza, Treviso, and Belluno. Geographically, it is an extremely varied region. The above-listed Veneto provinces cover a land of extraordinary diverse natural attractions that range from the Dolomites’ snowy peaks to the sandy beaches of Jesolo and Venice’s evocative Lido and lagoon, via bountiful fields and valleys. The Veneto region also comprises an enormous delta area, and vineyard-clad hills where extraordinary wines are produced. 

Map of Veneto, Italy: 4 main areas, amazing natural diversity

Taking a closer look at the map of Veneto, Italy, one can physically divide the region into 4 areas: the northern alpine zone, from the Dolomites to the Carnic Alps, the southern plain area that stretches to the Gulf of Venice, the coasts of the Adriatic Sea, which include the Venetian Lagoon, with its marshes and islands, and the Garda, Lessini, Berici, Euganei, Montello and Treviso hillsides. This is the spectacular natural environment that houses the 7 Veneto provinces.

Venice, a haven of beauty and art beloved by travelers

Truth be told, alas, many stop in Venice. Indeed, la Serenissima’s ever-endearing allure, uniqueness, and views lure visitors from all over the world and keep them captive until it’s time to fly home. Needless to say, long-term rental properties and luxury real estate in Venice, Italy, are both extremely sought-after, especially by VIPs and celebrities.

Manifold marvels, and real estate, in the Veneto region, Italy

As stupendous as Venice is, Veneto’s plethora of attractions hardly ends in Saint Mark’s Square. A brief scenic drive from Venice takes curious tourists to discover the iconic Veneto villas designed by Andrea Palladio, the Riviera del Brenta, and the cities of Vicenza and Padova. Then, of course, there’s Verona, elegant, redolent of desperate love and rich in squares and style. Veneto’s cities and towns are handsome and well-groomed, hence, as property investments go, selecting real estate in the Veneto region, Italy, is a savvy choice few buyers regret.

Real estate in the Veneto region, Italy: opportunities for relocation

A pleasant, tranquil lifestyle, excellent schools, and good jobs. Veneto’s handsome mid-sized cities provide alluring opportunities for families or young couples that are looking to relocate.  Moreover, compared to the south of Italy, the northeast is characterized by a more “organized” daily life that appeals to foreigners. Hence, it is not surprising that prospective ex-pats are on the lookout for property for sale in Verona, and houses for sale in Padova, Italy, for instance. 

real estate Veneto region Italy
Cortina D’Ampezzo, Belluno Province. Veneto, Italy.

Mountains and soft sandy beaches

Veneto’s attractions, however, override its towns and cities. Skiers, snowboarders, and skaters are spoiled for choice between Cortina d’Ampezzo’s powdery slopes, and the dramatic climaxes of the Marmolada (10,965 ft), Tre Cime di Lavaredo and Pale di San Martino. Those who prefer seafront vistas and sun-bathing also have a vast range of options, and the Adriatic Sea’s gentle waves and perfectly rigged out resorts are family-friendly too. It goes without saying that houses for sale in the Lido of Venice, Italy, are extremely popular too.

Real estate in the Veneto region, Italy: the current scenario

It goes without saying that in Venice, Italy real estate is as evocative, precious, and coveted as the city’s palace-lined canals, picturesque bridges, and quaint trattorias. But what a prospective investor really wants to know is what the market trends are. So let’s take a look at the current scenario as regards real estate in the Veneto region, Italy, foremost the latest studies published by the leading Italian portal The market survey shows that as of February 2022 the average price per square meter for residential units stood at €1.753 per square meter, with an increase of 1.68% compared to February 2021, when it was €1.724.

Veneto real estate: what happened over the last two years

Comparing this information with the data gathered over the last two years, however, is at once illuminating and thought-provoking. The above-mentioned research, in fact, reveals that the average price for residential real estate in the Veneto region, Italy, hit its record in October 2021, when it averaged €1.765 per square meter.

Veneto, Italy, real estate for sale in the different Veneto provinces

The above-quoted study is also enlightening as concerns the distinctive price differences by province. Specifically, the price demanded for homes and apartments in the province of Belluno was the highest registered, €2.474 per square meter, followed by Venice, €2.312. The lowest instead was that for homes in Rovigo and its surroundings: only €988 per square meter.

An insider’s view: what kind of houses are for sale in Padua, Italy, and other cities of Veneto 

Interesting data was also recently shared by the influential Mercato Immobiliare portal, in its periodic news bulletin on regional real estate market trends. As of today, the study shows, in Veneto, Italy the real estate market totals 166,855 properties for sale and 25,012 for rent.
Apartments are the most desirable options, with 76,729 listings throughout the region, while detached houses currently count 53,120 listings. Where are all these properties located? 

The majority are houses for sale in Padua, Italy (23%, 38,233 for sale, and 6,243 for rent), and properties for sale and long-term rental properties in Venice, Italy. 

Veneto real estate – how prices per square meter are evolving

Another leading Italian real estate portal, Idealista, showcases insightful information that can be extremely useful to prospective foreign buyers. Specifically, the portal reveals the quarterly evolution of prices per square meter for residential real estate in the Veneto region, Italy. In detail: in February 2022 the average price per square meter stood at €1.522, showing an increase of 0.4 % compared to the previous month (January 2022), a decrease of 0.1% compared to November 2021, but, and this is enlightening, an increase of 1.5% compared to February 2021. 

Venice Italy real estate
Aerial view of Venice and its Grand canal

Investing in Veneto: buy a house and rent it out in Venice, Verona, Padua

Alongside the art and architecture, which have been bringing travelers and globetrotters to Veneto for centuries, the region’s cities are havens of culture that beckon students, researchers, and teachers from all over the world. Hence, and based upon the recent data published by the Mercato Immobiliare portal, buying property in this lovely region to rent it out is a win-win investment. Long-term rental properties in Venice, Italy, provide owners with a safe, steady income, as do properties to rent in Verona Italy. The region’s leading university hub, Padova, is also a great destination for a rewarding enterprise: purchasing small, but well-outfitted apartments and renting them to students and professors is bound to be a successful strategy. 

Tourism, an ever-rewarding opportunity

As regards tourism-related rentals, these offer extraordinary opportunities for those who choose to invest in real estate in the Veneto region, Italy. Figures are what count, and in this case, they tell a promising story. The historical data published by the official Veneto region website shows that Veneto welcomed a total of 32.5 million visitors, 7.9 of which were from foreign countries, in 2020. Yet, the total number of hotels was only 2.916. Definitely not enough, especially considering what experts and Veneto’s tourism councilor Federico Caner strive to point out: Veneto is ready to “leap into 2022” with renewed policies that range from accessibility to its UNESCO-listed sites to brand-new sustainable tourism strategies and eco-friendly activity options.

Below is a summary table of real estate market prices per square meter in Veneto different areas.

ProvinceCityCost per sqmTrend compared to March 2021
VeneziaVenezia2.864 €/m²– 3,01 %
Jesolo3.393 €/m²+ 8,65 %
Caorle2.793 €/m²+ 3,87 %
San Michele al Tagliamento2.611 €/m²+ 2,63 %
Cavallino Treporti2.168 €/m²+ 2,31 %
Martellago2.086 €/m²– 1,00 %
Campagna Lupia1.208 €/m²+ 4,14 %
Mira1.474 €/m²+ 0,82 %
BellunoBelluno1.094 €/m²6,09% 
Cortina D’Ampezzo10.291 €/m²+ 7,64%
Colle Santa Lucia4.168 €/m²– 1,61 %
Livinallongo del Col di Lana2.856 €/m²19,25%
Borca di Cadore3.085 €/m²+ 10,26%
Rocca Pietore1.185 €/m²31,54%
PadovaPadova1.942 €/m²+ 5,83%
Albano Terme1.900 €/m²+ 6,32%
Cittadella1.667 €/m²+ 18,39%
Galzignano Terme1.137 €/m²+ 16,14%
VicenzaVicenza1.493 €/m²+ 4,26%
Asiago2.321 €/m²+ 9,74%
Bassano del Grappa1.550 €/m²+ 3,40% 
Montebello Vicentino1.248 €/m²0,40%
Gambellara1.042 €/m²+ 10,62%
VeronaVerona2.280 €/m²+ 2,61%
Bardolino3.818 €/m²+ 4,75%
Belfiore1.691 €/m²4,73%
Dolcè900 €/m²15,09%
TrevisoTreviso2.123 €/m²+ 2,36%
Mogliano Veneto1.844 €/m²+ 5,92%
Conegliano1.527 €/m²+ 2,00%
Valdobbiadene747 €/m²+ 4,92%
RovigoRovigo991 €/m²+ 0,20%
Adria993 €/m²2,84%
Rosolina2.187 €/m²+ 80,69%
Porto Tolle734 €/m²17,53%
Melara1.062 €/m²+ 15,06%
Data taken from

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